OOTD / Dinner / Football Game / Bithday Party "Hello"

I wanted to start this post with a quick OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
As many of you are quick to say ‘you lost so much weight’ I feel more comfortable and confident to do videos like these. I am not one to share tips and weight loss advice, I did not do anything I would recommend. A lot of it was due to stress. On a lighter note….I was on my way out to a football game and I wanted to share my outfit with you all:
Cream Knit Sweater (Target) White Scoop Neck, White Cami, Skinny Jeans (Fashion Q)


Dinner Time!

Our favorite spot for Greek food has to be Athena’s in Azusa, Ca. Jude is a huge hummus fan, I think he got it from Kris. I should have ordered a second plate, because Jude ate it all up! Not only was he taking over dinner, he also took over my phone and drink haha. I wonder who he was texting lol. “Hi Daddy”
After dinner we headed to our High School’s football game. We wanted to go and show some support for our old school and have girl time. I always have such a great time with Carly. Its non stop laughter with this girl, I’m thankful for such an awesome friendship.
It was the 2nd quarter when I took this picture and Azusa was tearing it up! When we were in High School, I don’t remember ever winning a game, this year they are undefeated!

Before I called it a night, we stopped by a party to show some birthday love.
This was not the birthday boy, this is the oblivious beast also known as Sam, Carly’s brother. He was either dancing or have some kind of arm problem lol. Say cheese!!

Carly getting some love from the boys, how the years go by so fast…

Me, Anthony, and Carl

Before anyone gets excited, Anthony is just a friend. Sorry Anthony…but back it up! My heart is taken… I am saving myself for Robin Thicke haha!
There was also a new pit bull puppy, he was sooooo pretty! Ive never seen a dog with blue eyes and a gray coat. Everything was perfect between us until he starting biting stuff…

…like my hand!!
It is almost 2 am and my mind is going a million miles a minute, so I guess its time for me to hit the hay. Jude rolled over a few times and kicked my keyboard, so I will write to you all soon!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Samantha

    Omg chica I am wide awake too so no worries haha I love the shoes and the outfit you looked super cute but I have to say Jude looked better haha. Seriously though very cute outfit and I'm glad your high school team won! Thanks so much for posting and I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous

    Cute cute cute!!!! Do more of these please….

    Also I saw on Twitter your picture of tuna could you tell us a healthy way to prepare it or how u prepare it? Pleaseeee….

  3. Jenn

    I love those shoes! You look lovely as always. Did you go to Azusa High? I went to Gladstone…class of 2003. Love the blog. Take care, girl.

  4. Katie

    woo carly's brother is a cutie haha
    i <3 those shoes, i've been trying to find heels that are more stable than skinny minnie heels that make me shake when i walk in them!

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