Picture Day! – Halloween Photoshoot

I Love my little Monkey
The countdown is on, Halloween is around the corner and I needed to get Jude a costume. We hit up a small costume store on Azusa Ave, Azusa CA called Francisco’s Halloween Store and I had my heart set on a monkey for Dunka. Hes been climbing and jumping and dancing a lot lately, I felt this costume would fit him perfectly! I haven’t blogged in a while, and its not that I turned into a hermit crab, I just forget my camera like a klutz! I also picked up a few wigs and I have started my Halloween Makeup Series coming soon to my channel.
Sylvia Ji inspired Day of the Dead/Sugar Skull Look
Barbie/Doll Look (not to be confused for Lady Gaga)
Now to the photo shoot. I was a little scared Jude would be a handful for the photographer, but he was perfect. He took a short nap on the way to the mall and he was chipper and full of energy!
I brought a small monkey doll for a prop but I forgot to bring it on set, I was so wrapped up in the huge smile Jude was giving the camera the whole time.
Of course the bff came along for the experience.
Being a photographer looks so fun and creative. Look at all of the costumes and props there were on set. I wanted to snap a few with the backdrop but the dude that owned the place was being a crabby patty, so I didn’t lol.

Dunka running around, getting ready for the camera.

I bought all of the proofs and there were tons of poses. I couldn’t say no to any of them. This was not the picture I ordered tons of but this one is so cute I had to share it will all of you! Look at those monkey feet hehe.

Lunch Time!
We went to ISLANDS a west coast restaurant who are famous for their burgers.
This is one of Carly’s favorite places to eat at, so we had to check it out. I enjoyed watching Jude go to town with his first pack of crayons at a restaurant. He now knows that crayons are for paper only and doesn’t try to eat them. He looked so grown.
Carly, aka Carl, ordered a heart attack. Killer burger and onion rings with some mayo and ranch. The table was quite, that means it was delicious!

Not only was Jude coloring, he was also feeding himself. He had macaroni and cheese with an order of fries. Hes been on a pasta kick and I knew this was perfect when it was on the kids menu.

I had the best half salad and a small bowl of tortilla soup. Speaking of soup, I brought my left overs home and that sound great with this cold weather!

The day was complete after a visit from Kris, a trip to Walmart and Michaels Craft Store.
I know I have not been on my blogging game as I was before, but I’m back baby(s)!
Thanks so much for the love and support,
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    I love the pictures so adorable…

    A visit from kiris! I hope you guys are able to work things out I know how things can get rough at times but i don't think it should be thrown away after all the hard work u guys have put into each other and now a baby being involved I wish you the best!

  2. Anonymous

    Aww what a cute monkey! Looks like you had a nice day! I really have to check out Island's. I've heard so many things and I like in the area and damn Carly's food looked good!

    I'm glad Jude and his dad spent some time together. I know it must be hard knowing that a he is missing out on some of his Jude's days, but things will get better and pick up soon enough. 🙂

  3. Angela

    Jude was so cute in that monkey suit!!!
    i hope everything went ok with Kris and its good he still sees Jude some kids are even not that fortunate =( but i hope everything went well…. i wish you and your family all the best!!
    Angela showing love from Australia

  4. Mimi

    Jude is soooo cute:)I tried to put some makeup on my son to complete his lion costume but it was mission impossible :(Love all your halloween looks!
    Kisses and hugs from Portugal:**

  5. Anonymous

    Why can't you work things out with Kris? You obviously love him, and Jude needs his father… I know it sounds ridiculous, but have you guys ever tried couples couseling? Its a life saver. Kris needs to be there to raise Jude.. I think you should try to mend things girl!

  6. Anonymous

    Jude doesnt need a negative influence like Kris around! Jude loves his mommy and thats all he will ever need!

    until Kris becomes a responsible man and work on himself then you can think about being with him. there's nothing you need to work on, YOU dont need couples counceling.

  7. Anonymous

    Kris isn't the problem. It's Sonia… Kris has even posted at the youtube guru boards…….Sonia knows what we are talking about. You don't!

  8. miss.xcarmenx

    awww Jude is such a happy baby.. i love that.. i like seeing pictures of him smiling.. =] brightens my day ha-ha… weird but true.. the salad looks really GOOD…

    You and Kris.. welll you two will know when it is the right time to work things out.. as long as he's still apart of Judes life =]. you and him can work things out.. i dont know whats going on with you two. but my best wishes go to you two. stay strong and always SMILE.

  9. Anonymous

    empty comments? Hello you contradict yourself… you bash Kris on facebook for the world to see and now it warms your heart to see the boy you love? and I'm not talking about Jude! Honey it is obvious Kris doesn't want to be with you anymore!

  10. Anonymous

    I don't understand why this is any of your business anyway.( anonymous) I could be wrong but I don't think you can just go blame it on just one person. Each person has there flaws and just because you guys had a baby together doesn't mean you guys belong together. (sonia)It's easier to think that way bc jude does need his father but it doesn't mean you need him! ANYWAYYYY! this blog isn't even about there relationship so how about you guys just back offff and talk aboout the actual blog! I know I'm not but I just couldn't resist commenting back at the haters.



  12. LaFemmeMystique

    Jude is absolutely adorable. I love the little freckles you painted on his cheeks. He is too cute. And I love, love, love your Barbie girl look! You have me totally reconsidering my Halloween costume.

    Ignore the negativity…regardless of whats going on between you and Kris, you are doing an excellent job as a mommy. Kris visiting shows your strength, as you are able to let whats going on, go, and allow him to visit to Jude. Sometimes people don't understand how it is when you share a child with someone. I understand because I'm a single mommy too, you are awesome and so is your blog!

  13. Anonymous

    Tahaha who ever that anonymous bitch is needs to get a life if you dont like Sonia DONT read her blogs! Delete her as a friend on facebook. Your obviously obsessed or something to think you actually know what going on between her a Kris. Its pretty pathetic to bash on her, then quote about something she wrote on facebook… Lmao.

    [ i know im anonymous to… but get over it! lol ]

  14. Jessica

    how about show yourself and stop posting your comments as “anonymous”? And to the person saying they don't need couples' counseling, only Sonia can decide. If that's what would help, then Sonia can by all means try that to save her relationship. It's mean to say he is a bad influence on Jude. How would you like it if you had issues, for your loved one to give up on YOU? kris might work on himself, like you said, but it would be much better if he had his loved ones to help him through it. Good luck, Sonia!

  15. Jessica

    also, Sonia, if you love him, don't give up on him if you think he is worth fighting for. I've been in your situation and there were times I felt like just not trying anymore. But I did. I stayed and HELPED him through it. we got past that difficult time and we are now very happy. Just do what YOU feel is best for you and Jude!

  16. Anonymous

    Dont let other's comments get to you, they have nothing better to do. I think you are doing a great with Jude. He is adorable!!! I hope things turn the way you wish they would. You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your posts and watching your you tube videos. Thank you! Thank you for making all these video and post knowing your putting yourself out there knowing there are haters out there.

  17. Anonymous

    Baby Jude is sooo adorable!! I wish you guys the best.

    Btw, why do haters even bother coming on here and leaving comments? Obsessed much??

  18. Sweet Cynn

    I absolutly love the dia de los muertos insipred halloween make up! Hopefully when you get a chance (because im a mama to and I know 😉 you'll do the tutorial. Its also great to hear that Kris sees his son. Toatlly reminds me of just a couple of years ago me and my son's dad broke up for 2 and half years and got back together earlier this year. I definantely realized that relationships aren't easy and we went through SO MUCH.. but with hope and love anything is possible. Ok I sound like a doña…Take care Doll..
    Always Cynn<3

  19. TinyForever

    I seriously can't believe how many people harp on about this girls personal life!! I have been a sub from day one because she's a pretty girl and I like her makeup…and I wouldn't dare feel the need to start prying or asking questions regarding her personal life!!

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