Sunday Brunch – The Smoke House, Burbank Ca

Sunday Brunch
I don’t usually have brunch, but Carly was raving about the one they served at the Smoke House in Burbank that was to die for. She has been talking about it for months and today was the day we finally went.
It was a buffet style brunch with everything you could think of including crab legs!! Not to any shocker, Jude loved crab meat.
The salad was sooo good, I wish I had a pen on me because I would have written down all of the ingredients. This next shot is terrible! My hair is getting so long I have to hold it back when I eat, I cant wait to cut it off!

Jude was taking down the cheese bread. I’m not going to lie, I went on a carb overload and ate 3 pieces of cheese bread. It was amazing.

Mommy Dunka and Baby Dunka love.
He is so loving. He shares his food and drink with me now, hes growing up so fast.
I am blessed to be with him always and am witnessing it all.
Our table was covered in plates and glasses. The food was so good I was taking bites of everything. I know I will pay for it this week. I will have to cut out all of my treats.

Carly had a huge pile of crab legs in front of her, she was the crab lady at The Smoke House haha.

Jude had a chocolate fondue marshmallow for desert and it got everywhere before it made it to his mouth. I love seeing my little man experience new flavors. He really enjoyed it all.

Jude is so young, but he is the perfect age to start him off with good eating habits. My biggest pet peeves when it comes to children, is the kids that wont eat anything but chicken nuggets and fries. I’m not saying force your kids to eat caviar…just have them try everything. Break the picky eater habit.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Dye-A-Graham

    Aw my two favorite Dunkas and Auntie Dunka Carly. I am so glad you are exceling due to past circumstances. You deserve a fab Dunka life and you will get it. I'm saying a prayer of blessings for you, your family and friends! May you continue to receive the blessings of God and continue to bless us, your readers/viewers with your knowledge of health, beauty, fun and family activities. Thanks girl!

  2. Anna Saccone

    Totally agree, I have picky eaters!! When we were kids we were introduced to a big variety of different foods and very rarely ordered from the kiddie menu at restaurants 🙂 Jude looks so cute and you look beautiful! <3

  3. JazGlamour

    Jude is absolutely adorable!and i agree about the whole picky eater thing…and i love your long hair..Keep Having fun!
    I just started a blog! yay follow me please at
    Thank you

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