Go Dodgers!

Lets go Dodgers! Lets go!
At the last minute we got invited to go to a Los Angeles Dodger Game. We got there at the bottom of the 5th inning so I wasn’t away too long. I always have really bad anxiety when I am away from Jude for more than an hour. I know I need a break, but being with him is better than being without him.
I wish I was as photogenic as Ms Carly! My mother is a huge Dodger fan so she let me barrow her top. One “MUST” when you go to game is to wear your teams colors to show pride and support. It was super fun to see all of the blue.

Meet Katrina, She was the one who gifted us with the tickets.
Me, Carly, and Anthony.

Our super serious faces.
Time to eat!
We went to get a couple of ball park favorites: Dodger dog, Slurpee, and Nachos!
It sounds like a little kid was ordering haha. I wish Jude was with me, he would have loved some cotton candy and a Slurpee!
To keep my personality in my outfit, I wore my BCBG nude wedges. I love them! I got them at Marshalls a few weeks ago for about $50.
Of course all of the food stands were at the top and our seats were at the bottom! This is the only time I wish I wore some flats or flip flops.

BIG BITE! To be honest the hot dogs were not that great. I would have rather grilled them myself and hooked them up “Alley Style” (Grilled peppers and onions with sour cream and Mexican cheese)

HAHAHAH! This wasn’t the ending score, but needless to say the Dodgers won!

These are the losers, they look great 😉

Being at this game was a nice way to get away for a couple of hours with my friends in a fun and friendly atmosphere. I cant wait to take Jude to his very first ball game.

When was the last time you went to a sports event? What do you think is a must have when you go? Who is your favorite team?
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Melissa

    since we live in the bay area, we're huge Niners fans for football and Giants fans for baseball. I looove going to games, we took my son to his first game this summer (he's two now) and it really was fun to take him but he didn't sit still or let us enjoy the game much. The last game we went to was a football game 🙂 I love to have garlic fries anytime we go to games, its a must! with a nice cold beer!
    I love how you wore heels, glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to keep it feminine! I wear heels and make my makeup “go” with the team colors (orange and black eyeshadow, or a cool smokey eye with a pop of orange or red and gold 🙂

  2. Blanca1018♥

    Cute pictures!
    I agree on your MUST of wearing the team's colors, even if its not the jersey or t-shirt at least wear the colors.
    Wearing heels to a game is a great way to be feminine and accessorize is a MUST in my opinion 🙂
    I love how u do find your time to enjoy yourself with friends since i'm sure being a mommy 24/7 can be hard at times.
    But of course i'm sure Jude couldn't wait til u got home!


    Come check out my blog ladies.

  3. LiLsExYtHiNg3621

    My first time going to a game was in 2008 and it was to a Lakers game. I was so excited. I wore “normal” colors but I painted my nails purple and my eye shadow was in purple sades. I didn't know that it was going to be so darn cold in there so I didnt take a jacket so we went to the (I guess) nba store and bought a huge and I mean HUGE shirt and I used it as a blanket. I still have it as a memory of my first game. Every time that we've been to a Lakers game my must haves are sky scraper dog, nachos with jalapenos, atleast 2 Cokes, and cotton candy. I can't wait for this season to start so I can go to some games. I probably wont be able to go to the “real” games and not sit in nose bleeds, but pre-season is good enough for me.

  4. Sandy

    Last time I went to a sports event was this Saturday Oct 2nd and of course, a Dodgers game!!! Keep in mind, thousands of people go to the game and is pretty hard to have all you wanted on a Dodger dog. Heels to a game?! Whoa now, that's like a big no no, too many stairs!!! Lol. Anyways yes Dodgers ended with a BANG, sucks we didn't make it to the playoffs this year. Hope you had fun. If you really want toexperience a real game, you have to go when they play the Giants or Angels! Sit in the Left Pavillion, and it'll be one for the books!

  5. evaange

    I went to a Giants game a week ago my husband is a huge giants Sf niners fan.. so we go very often. I'm from san diego, and I love the Padres, but I also love the Giants!

    btw I have a LA dodger tshirt (i don't hate) lol

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