Self Tanner Remover?

I didn’t think there was such thing as a

until SunLabs came around. Its like this company thought of everything! I loved their tanning products so I knew this was going to be amazing as well.
This is the complete set that they sent me.
It comes with everything you need before and after a self tanner.
As I have said in my tanning reviews/tutorials…you need to exfoliate!

I love the size of the beach bag and the fact that its plastic.

Plastic = Easy to clean

The large scrubber is for the entire body (neck down), (from left to right) Sponge head is for your face. I compare it to a cosmetic sponge. The pumice stone is perfect for the feet, elbows, and knees. Small scrubber could be for the face but I wouldn’t recommend it. I fell like its not soft enough for sensitive skin such as our face.
The kit also comes with a lofa, but that’s not as interesting as the rest of the products. I would use the lofa the most because this device is a little more time consuming, but worth the effort.

As stated in my video, I was so jazzed about the sent. Its Juniper, which brings me back to High School. It was that really fresh but sweet smell that made me feel like a woman. I love it. Its the same sent with all three products: Lotion, Exfoliant, and the Cleansing Gel.
The lotion is very hydrating without the greasy film. The exfoliant was perfect. It wasn’t too harsh where you can almost hear your skin scream “OUCH”, it was like I said perfect. The cleansing gel was just as expected and noting out of the ordinary.
YES, this was a sponsored product, but like other posts or videos…this is my honest opinion. It wasn’t a diss, but it obviously wasn’t a “OMG THIS IS FROM HEAVEN” either.
The product is great, and is the reason I am even bothering you with this info.
YouTube has blessed me with a voice. To let you know what to stay clear from and what I think you would love.
Like always, thank you all for your support.
Hey if we all unsubscribed to gurus for a sponsored video, we would be watching tv.
Its what you make of it. Don’t stress the small things.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    I'm fine with sponsored videos. ONCE IN A WHILE. But when its all you;re doing lately, I'm not going to watch. To some of the subscribers its really hard to trust gurus when we know they're getting compensated. We're not getting 100% of the truth. Wish things would go back to when we could watch a real video. not a commercial.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry Honey but I have to agree. I'm a “grown up” subscriber of yours. I understand why you're doing what you're doing ($$$) but for those of us who know how these companies work, sponsored videos become unattractive and hard to believe. I prefer your makeup videos. Its why I watch, so I usually skip through these types of vids and blogs but I just thought I'd let you know where some of your subbies are coming from. And NO, I'm not hating, You need to know that lots of little ones are watching you and integrity is (sadly) a quality thats quickly fading. Try and keep it real girl.


  3. Anonymous

    Your honest opinion?
    How about more info then? Like, what does the set cost? Packaging?
    I don't recall you saying or showing how well or not the remover system works?
    Its I want to know in a review sponsored or not.

    Purpose of product?
    Ease of use?
    Does product actually do what company states if does?
    Pros vs. Cons? And lastly
    Sonia, I'm not hating on you, I just would love a full well rounded opinion. I not asking for this from just you but anyone and everyone giving a review on a product, sponsored or not.

  4. Anonymous

    I like the way you do your sponsored videos.. like the one for the baby bliss you actually showed great it works.. Now I really enjoy your videos and your blog so out of respect I have to tell you.. PLEASE check your grammar on your blog. You are a smart latina and that does not do you justice ( example ” it's the same sent” It's SCENT ” ) Hope this does not offend you.. if it did please accept my apologies.

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