Girls, Girls, Girls!

Everything is going great!
We are going on our last night here in the coolest house in this city.
We are all pretty bummed we have to leave, but its time to come back to reality and go back home. I am excited, and I’m sure Jude is too. Nothing is better than home 🙂
We pretty much just hung out by the pool, worked on our tans…or in Crystal’s case…tried not to get burned! This time we went to a small pool, but it was just as relaxing.
Today we decided to get dolled up and film some videos for my channel
I needed a little wake-me-up because Jude surprised us with a 6am wake upyell.
He was sleeping like a King while we filmed 🙂

(Crystal aka Katy Perry??)
My friends are beautiful…and I am glad they are confident beauties.

He loves his tia Crystal <3

(Carly Marley…channeling JLo on the cover of Glamour this month)
She is RED hot with her poker face.
After I was done filming the girls…I was so tired I didn’t want to even do my own makeup! I know what you are thinking…*checking if I have a fever* lol. I’m fine. Liner and lashes are good enough for me!
We went on an adventure for a sandwich place called TOGOS…GPS took us…to NO WHERE!!
KFC it was, not that we need to be eating fatness when we were trying to look all hot at the pool shortly after. Amen there wasn’t a hot straight man or men in sight!
*sign of the cross*
Michael Jackson??
Hes alive and well…I saw him in Palm Springs.
Hes looking pretty damn good.
*cell phone picture*
Black Berry photos are kinda sucky.
While we were hunting for food, we ran into the cutest blow up tube for Jude!
Its suppose to have a Palm Tree, but he hated having something over his head!

Why so serious Dunka?
He had fun AFTER the photo shoot…I promise.

Dear Palm Springs,
Thank you for the good times. We will miss you dearly!
Sonia Carly and Crystal
I cant wait to come back.
Next time we are hitting the CASINOS!!
*Latina Kisses*



  1. Jessie

    I wish I wasn't such a Weenie when it comes to the heat, so I could have a lovely day like this when visiting Palm Springs. I usually just become a hermit and enjoy the A/C. HAHA!


  2. AnNeTtEe

    aww… lucky!! I haven't been to Palm Springs.. looks like u had so much fun!!! your baby is sooo adorable!! you & your girls are gorgeous!! you are so blessed…. & oh yeah, the fedora looks great on u! I just got one & I'm plannin on rockin it this weekend…. I hope I can make it look good like u did… =) btw, I love ur blog & ur videos!!

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