I was "Just Bitten" by Edward…I mean Revlon

Today I went to my sisters house to watch “New Moon” I don’t know why we are watching the Twilight saga in reverse but I guess we are getting it done.
I went to CVS for some popcorn and I ran into this blood sucker…I mean lip stain.
Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in the color “Frenzy”

The felt tip reminds me of a marker when I was in school.
I really like this kind of applicator because its easy to stay “in the lines”.
When I researched the product before I started this post, Revlon came out with a roller ball stain which sounded like it would get everywhere and make you look like you drank a pitcher of kool-aide.
The part of this product I did and didn’t like was the lip balm. I loved the smooth texture, the fact that there was no scent, and the mega shine without and stickiness…BUT what you see is what you get.
I would have made the balm retractable so that it lasts longer.

If you are intimidated by the packaging thinking your lips are going to be TOO dark, take a look at this swatch. This is one swipe. Above the stain is the balm…its so moisturizing my alligator skin sucked it up lol.

Now do not be alarmed by my mouth all up in your face.
This picture was taken in natural light and photoshop free so you can get an idea of how intense it could be. So overall I loved this lipstain and would recommend this product to first time users. It is a little pricey, $10 in drugstores, but worth every penny. Other colors that I want to try are “Twilight” and “Forbidden”. I want “Forbidden” just because its…uh…forbidden.
If you have one for these and love the color, let me know which one I should pick up.
Until next time, take care and stay FABULOUS!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Chezelle and Spectra

    that looks so pretty on you!! do you think this shade would work on really pale people or could you recommend me any other shades for fair skin? Thanks!

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