Blushing over Affordable Cream Blush Sticks

So you might know, if you follow me on twitter, that I was searching high and low
for these three beauties.
Blushable CREME STICK by N.Y.C. Color
Someone told me to check Rite Aid. I never go there because its in a shopping center that doesn’t really have stores that I visit. Good thing I have twitter because like a silly goose I went to 5 different CVS’s in about 2 days with no luck.
I was hearing mixed reviews on these sticks but being a loca for makeup, I wanted them anyways.
When I got home I was super excited to try them out. To my surprise, they were not greasy like I was informed by a lot of chicas who have them. They are not too hard too soft…
just right for what they are, sticks.

They run about $5 each so I felt like there was enough product in each tube for the price.
From left to right – South Street Seashell, Berry New Yorker, and Plaza Pink

Pink Plaza is a perfect highlight color, South Street Seashell is an amazing color, and I will use Berry New Yorker for contouring.

Here are the other colors that are available if you are interested:
The reason these are different from my MAC and NYX :
1. These guys are in a stick, and I can throw them in my bag without freaking out.
2. They were $5 and sold a the drugstore down the street, where they sell other affordable makeup and Nutter Butters.
3. They are not sticky and lay on the skin thick and heavy. You can build
up the color but when I reach for a blush stick I wanna slap it on really quick.
4. No brush = cute faster
5. see #4 for the best reason

Like in all my posts, tell me what you think. Hate them? Love them? Have them? What colors are your favorite.
Alright girl friends, Take cake and stay Fabulous!

*Latin Kisses*


  1. Greeds.

    I don't usually use cream blush because I feel they might cause me to break out. Although I don't really have acne prone skin, I'm scared some might be too heavy/thick and clog my pores. I just imagine powder blush being more comfortable.

    Since these are extremely affordable and the colors you've tested are right up my alley, I think I'm going to test one out! They're really pretty. πŸ™‚

  2. Cris*

    Sonia mucho Γ‘nimo con lo de tu madre, te envΓ­o mis mejores deseos y mucha fuerza. Espero que al final todo salga bien, un beso muy fuerte!

  3. makeupcraze21

    I don't like them I got one and I put it on and it just slides right off. Maybe is just me cause I have oily skin. I use mine like a lipstick in stead since is going to come off anyway when you drink something.

  4. Jaybee

    I love these! I actually found 2 limited edition colors that are GORGEOUS! A bright coral and a true raspberry color. I got mine for only $2.99 and buy one get one half off! @Makeupcraze21 mine slid off too but it you put it on right after foundation before setting with powder they last forever!!

  5. *ms.angela89*

    *Thought I come by and say I been watching a few of your videos now and your awsome! Something about you captures my attention. At first, when I was watching CandyDulce's video and she featured you on copying that one purple eye look, I'm like uhhh? BORING!??! LOL, but then I'm like hmmms, maybe I'll just skim through more of your videos…and as I was going through them some were pretty helpful, like applying eyeliner in a couple different ways and applying false lashes etc… Your not just all for high end products but your willing to try drug store products and thats a big plus! πŸ™‚ I was reading some of your blogs not too long a go and notice you are PREGNANT! Congrats to you. πŸ˜€ What will you be having? Sorry I dont follow all those twitter stuff, its weird for me. heheh! But definitely keep doing what your doing cause your pretty dam good at it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the makeup tutorials. Your great! πŸ˜€

    Angela — XOXOX

  6. Ashley Bonnett

    i have been looking high and low for an affordable highlighter…hoping i could find something at a drug store…but found only liquids!!! i am soo excited you discovered these sticks and cant wait to run to cvs and grab a few!!!creme blushes are great for summer and stay put!!!im glad they dont have a greasy feel!!do they glide on smooth???or do u reccomend applying to the hand first?I just discovered this blog tonight soo im syked!!watch u videos when i get ready and i adore ur makeup tips!!!thx!!xoxo-ash

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