Metallic Foil Eye shadow Dupe

Metallic Foil Eye Shadow Dupe 
that I mentioned in my latest video, click here if you have not yet seen it. The products I have been loving can be at stores like ULTA that carry both department and drugstore brands. I have seen almost all of my favorite IG and YouTubers talk about Stilas foil shadows and I jumped up and bought two. They are beautiful BUT I found something cheaper!!

First up is STILA’s Metals Foil Eye Shadow “Metallic Rose Quartz” USD $32 

pros: AMAZING shine and color
cons: price, its heavy/thick and you need to add oil to it and mix before apply to your face.
And its sister from another mister…
Milani’s Fierce Foil Eye Shine in #3 Florence USD 9.99
pros: price, 4 colors, and 1 step
cons: none!

Seeing these two side to side you can clearly see the Stila shadow is chunkier. obviously the color is off but the dupe is in the product. I think if I added the oil to the pot of stila I would end up with the Milani eyeshadow. 
 Aside from the fact that my hand is extremely dry lol, if the top one didnt the thick patches the consistence is spot on! I would save my money if I was you and go with the Milani palette. More colors, and extra money to buy something else! I hope this helped! 

Latina Kisses,

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    Hi Sonia, I have been following your videos on YouTube forever! Loved them so much. Then I started following you on Instagram. I don't use Instagram a lot and didn't have any posts so you must've thought I was a 'hater' and have blocked me for no reason. Ok fine. I continued to watch your videos with no judgement. But to be honest with you, I don't even want to watch them anymore with all the promo you are doing. The people that follow you are the reason you got the promos in the first place. Then to block me at random? Maybe some things are getting to your head now but don't forget where you came from girl!

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