Has your child ever: Not wanting to leave their father

(Jude when he was 1)
Has your child ever…

Has your child ever come home in tears not wanting to leave their other parent? It happened tonight and it was – I think – the second or third time in his 5 years of life. To be honest it hurt my feelings. I even cried a little. His father said he was tired and Jude was complaining that he was hungry. I know when Jude doesn’t get his daily nap and meals when I usually fix them he is a grump! I don’t know why I was so sensitive. It could have just been me missing him more this weekend, because he was with his dad for New Years Eve as well, and getting that reaction was a surprise, a bad one. I just wanted to see how many of you had the same thing happen to you. 

This is what I did. I made him food right away, I can’t let the boy starve! Mind you the whole time he was crying for his dad like I was holding him captive. I told him that he was allowed to cry as long and as loud as he wanted. I asked him if he wanted to help me cook (its his favorited thing to do) he thought about it and then responded like a monster “NO!” I served him, he ate like an animal, and when it was time to wash up for bed the melt down continued. He demanded more egg rolls (lol) and I said if he still wanted them tomorrow that I would serve him more. He wasn’t having it. He was screaming bloody murder. Guuurrrl let me tell you…I do NOT have patience for screaming children so he was pushing my buttons. That kind of behavior would end in a karate chop to the top of the head and a kung fu kick to the pants. I held it in and killed the situation with kindness. After we prayed, and you know I asked the lord to keep me from whopping a particular butt, he finally calmed. I gave him an example of how he was acting and how what he said effected others (and when I say others – I mean me) 

[My example] What if I was upset when you came home? What if I didn’t want to talk to you and asked Daddy to take you somewhere, anywhere, other than here at home with me? How would that feel? He said he didn’t like it. I also explained how his father took care of him until Jude came home to me, and I took care of him until he went to visit his father. He apologized and went to bed without another peep. I felt accomplished when I shut his bedroom door. Like I did my job, I loved my son like a mommy should. 

Good night, Latina Kisses

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  1. MissC

    This post made my heart melt! I'm a stay at home mom constantly running around like a headless chicken doing everything in the house n keeping my kids alive lol but as soon as daddy is home I'm forgotten..it's hurtful sometimes, don't get me wrong my kids are very well mannered so I always get my “please” and “thank you” but I feel like daddy gets all the love lol I don't even know if I'm making sense but my point is mommy's need love too lol

    ((Huge fan of your channel you are the first beauty guru I started watching, thank you for teaching me so much))

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