#PartyPretty Makeup Tutorial
Hey y’all! Gosh its been some time since Ive used my blog! What better time than when I am traveling a lot? I wanted to let you know first that I have partnered up with LORD & TAYLOR on their new campaign #partypretty (click here to view the official page http://34.gs/nci8 ). I am so excited to be working with such a huge brand to do what I do best – makeup and tips! I will also be featured in this months L&T beauty book so please look out for that!
I have had so many of the same requests for a video I could not ignore, DAY TO NIGHT LOOKS. These are the most common looks we create everyday. Think about it. In the morning when we are getting ready for the day we start with something soft, I know I do because its the easiest. Then when we get invited somewhere later that evening we quickly reach for eyeliner and anything that would transform our look night time appropriate. Today I will show you how I use the stars of the show…
  1. BORGHESE ECLISSARE COLOR ECLIPSE Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette –  http://34.gs/w5mi
  2. BORGHESE ECLISSARE COLOR ECLIPSE lip gloss – http://34.gs/a4tx
  3. BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner  – http://34.gs/gg78
…to create easy #partypretty DAY TO NIGHT LOOKS in minutes. Ready?
Connect with Lord & Taylor on Social Media : @lordandtaylor
Thank you so much for your time love and support!

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