Tea Time

How I brew loose tea – new obsession

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a picture of my new tea obsession. Blooming tea is more beautiful than it is tasty. I enjoy the taste of tea and most times I do not need to add any sugar. I have been on a clean healthy diet to change the way I sleep and function…and green tea has played a huge roll. Im blabbing about nothing now, lets get on to the point of this post. 

My mom introduced me to the tea shop “Flour + Tea”, located in Old Town Pasadena, so I was excited to stop in for a look. Too bad Im half beast…I would have loved to share pictures of the amazing macarons they had – BUT I took ’em down town before I thought to include them in this post. Caca. 

I sniffed too many kinds of teas to remember, but this one stood out the most. 
Its sweet green tea according to my senses. I could be way off because I am sick, yes – again. Its a specialty shop so it quickly added up. 
I think I spent about $70 on tea and cups in like 7 mins 0_o
 I know what it looks like….but its not cochina. Its tea. Lord!
 Along with the tea, I also purchased two brewing cups (one for meeee and one for mi madre). 
Its basically a layered cup with slits on the bottom to filter the tea in the hot water. 
To get started:  sprinkle the tea into the top cup, the more you use the stronger the tea will be. 
 Slowly lower the glass cup with tea into the sister mug and place the lid on top to brew for a few minutes. You don’t want to slam dunk it because you will spill the water all over the damn place…I would know -_-
 After the water starts to darken, you slowly remove the top cup letting all of the water drain into the mug. 
 TA-DA! Now put it in your mouth! hahah
 Not that anyone needed step by steps, the pictures are cool though haha. I miss my blog. I miss you guys. I think I will try to keep up my blog…I keep coming back for more. I think I will be doing swatches here too. Im going to try!!

*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    You are my personal favorite guru and I have truly missed your blog! I know you are a full-time hands-on mama, and it is hard, but man do I miss reading your posts!

  2. `kimby

    looks great, I love the” blooming teas” I love to watch it bloom in the cup, they are also healthy, have to order some more…all out:((love your vids!

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