The Sweet Life – Wonderland Bakery

Sonia in Wonderland
My huh huh Ryan has been trying to take me to a shop in Newport Beach he knew I would love. Our first atempt…they were closed! This time he must have checked or remembered but I was sooooo excited!
 I am as girly as they come and I was dying with excitement when I saw how many cupcake items they had for sale! Anything and everything you can think of cute was in this little shop. I wished, for just a second, that Jude was a girl because I know if I was a little girl I would go nuts!!
 Look at the details on the walls! These are the doors that lead to all of the magic : The baking and decorating! Its like candyland came to life.
 I didnt get just one hahah, which Ryan thought I would be good…I got one for me, Jude, Ryan’s mom and sister. Let me tell you…the pumpkin spice is a MUST! The picture is not doing the size of these babies justice!
 They make cupcakes, cookies, cakes…oh my!
A lot of you were wondering where I got my cake made for Jude’s 2nd birthday…This place I would reccomend in a heartbeat! The owner, Miss Allyson, said they need at least 1 week in advance and the price depends on the design you are requesting. CLICK HERE for more information on the shop.
After a late lunch at CHIPOTLE (our new favorite place) Ryan agreed to take me to MACYs to purchase the tote Ive been drooling over. I know its just a tote to some, but its a luxuray tote in my eyes and I deserve it damn it! Haha! Michael Kors Signature Logo Tote in Vanilla / White
 We were in a rush because we were invited for dinner! Yes we just ate, but we were starving and didnt know that dinner was going to be ready early…shhhhhhh dont tell our chef aka Ryan’s sister that hahah. It was so good. We were double stuffed.
 Of course I wanted a taste of my cupcake after dinner. I could only handle less than half and saved the rest for later…later.
 Arent they too cute!!
 After we had a drink with his sister, we called it a night. Im a grandma and stuck on the go to sleep early-wake up early schedule. I suggested we go out for breakfast, so we headed to Dennys.
Before hitting a booth, Ryan stopped at a Starbucks next door and got me my coffee….aaaaawwwwwwwwwww!
 I asked for the hashbrowns to be crispy and they were burnt…they showed me! Lol.
 I always have a good weekend, I cant complain. This weekend was just….sweet. Hehe.
Have you been to The Wonderland Bakery? Is there anything like it in your town? Whos excited about Halloween? That was random I know but I am excited and this is my blog so I can talk talk talk about nothing lol. Love you guys!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Susana

    I have been single for 3 years and NOT wanting a boyfriend because of some of my past relationships, but seeing posts like these with you and your bf make me want to try again, knowing that after all you've been through, you can too.

  2. brenda.pulgarin

    U look like u have a fun weekend good for u!!! I love the cup cake place …i live in riverside and we have a place call casey cup cake and i love it!! It is very cute and very delicious!! I blog abaut them if u want to check out is:

  3. Anonymous

    I love that you post just about anything here. I especially love your posts about food & cooking. You are a very sweet girl! You're just amazing!!! Such interesting reads.

  4. bloop.

    chica i could eat cupcakes for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! haha. that wonderland bakery looks pretty..sweet. ha. i live in Santa Barbara and there a cupcakery like that downtown its named “WhoDelicious” heres there website
    it reminds me of Wonderland Bakery. and heck yes im excited for Halloween, my daughter is 2 and i think im more excited than she is of course she may not know what Halloween really is. lol Keep bloggin.!! haha sorry sound like a total stalker. 🙂

  5. M.

    OMG! Girl, I'm obsessed with cupcakes. I probably would have bought out that entire store! I can't wait to get stationed back stateside and indulge in all of that again. ;D

  6. Anonymous

    I love this, theres a cupcake place in ontario (or is it upland) idk off the 10 exit on mountain (in front of Edward's… the door is facing directly to wing nuts) lol.. i live in chino as well and we have some great bakeries around =) liz

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