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Smooth Dogs – Me, My sink and I.
Sooo, my feet…and my hands….have been dryer than dry and I feel like if I stub my foot somewhere it will crumble straight to hell. I had to do something about it and I figured Id share it with you guys. I hate talking about feet so I feel like we are getting personal here…and I hope you dont think I have crusty ass feet. Oh great, you think Ive got jungle feet!! *embarrassed* Anyways before I ramble even in a blog:
In order according my routine: Soak your feet and then  4. A few wash clothes to of course dry, but to wash off the mask.  3. Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover -This stuff is serious. I read about it on a few blogs that I follow and its so cheap I had to try it for myself. I was looking for it all day and of course when I calm down I practically step on it! Its a cuticle remover, but it doubles as a callus remover too. Leave it on for 1 mins after soaking and then scrub your heart out. 2. Pumice stone – Any of these bad boys will do. I got mine at Walmart for $2. Its job is to scrub all the nasty off haha. 1. Manicure / Pedicure Mask by OPI – I love this stuff! It smells sooooo good. Its really thick and made my hands and feet feel baby soft.
I suggest you guys give it a go…at least the Sally Hansen product and the pumice stone which will cost you under $10 and will get the job done. Are there any products that you have tried that works well? Let us know in the comments!!
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  1. Anonymous

    I bought the cuticle remover and it works. Thank you soo much. I was getting worried because ive always had soft feet and my heel was cracked after wearing sandals all summer. Thanks again.

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