Mothers Day Contest!! – Sigma Makeup Brushes

Calling all Moms!

Okay, I know what some of you are saying to yourself: What the heck! I don’t have a kid! Well you didn’t get here without one, or maybe you were raised by someone who wasn’t your mom…so improvise accordingly chicas. Of course by now, we all know that my favorite kinds of brushes have to be by Sigma. Sigma has always been good to me and were happy to sponsor a contest I wanted to hold for Mothers Day.

Since you are here on my Blog, you get a head start! Thats one of the beneifts of subscribing/following my blog…you hear it first. The prizes are :

Make me Up Brush Set (Top two videos)

The sets come in a few different colors, so if you are the winner…you get to choose the color!

Also 2 runner-ups will be getting their hands on my favorite brush

Flat Top Kabuki F80 Contest break down:


You need to be a subscriber

Videos need to be a response to my contest announcement video (video coming soon)

Video must mention the contest

Video must be of your child doing your makeup OR you doing your mom’s / mother figure’s makeup


Good luck, and have fun!

*Latina Kisses*



  1. xoxoCindy90

    omg this is going to be fun!! hmm my daughter is bout to be 2 but idk i have a feeling she'll love to do my makeup, since she's in love w/it already hahah! thanks for the contest Sonia 🙂

  2. MissJustine89

    Oh Im so excited, we just filmed our video!! My 2 year old son loved it! haha I looked horrible, but he had a blast! Awesome contest idea Sonia! Can't wait for the video so I can send in my response!

  3. Cecilia

    Can I get my little brother to do my makeup? He's 10. My mom won't let me do her makeup 😛 our tastes are really different

  4. MissMimiwallace

    This was my first video response ever and it was so nice doing with my daughter! She loved it, I'll have to let her do it more cus she had a ball! So funny & sweet! I wish everyone the best of luck & a very wonderful,safe mothers day! Lots of love 2 all!

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