Quite Cute MAC Collection – Nail Polish Dupe? Sister?

Quite Cute

This collection reminds me of Easter. I’m not a fan of the purple lipstick / lip gloss. I don’t understand …who in their right mind would seriously wear it out and about other than working at a MAC counter or on the runway?

Here are a few pictures I took at the counter. I did not see too many people hanging around trying to get their hands on this collection. I didn’t get much…but here is my haul.

I took a short trip to Santa Monica not to long ago and I got a sneak peek of the collection and I instantly fell in love with the purple polish. I don’t have a powder purple so it was a must. The other two shades I’m sure I have a few of so I passed on them.

During the week I went to TARGET and I ran into this Essie shade.

“Nice is nice” – Essie / “Little girl type” – MAC Cosmetics

13.5 ml vs 10ml – Essie is not only cheaper $7.74 compared to MAC who retails at $14, but you also get more polish.

I should have flipped the picture below to keep Essie on the Left but its too late for that haha.

Here are a few comparisons of the two shades:

I think the Essie polish is slightly darker than the other. Not too much so I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a dupe, but maybe we should call it a sister polish lol.

Either way this shade is perfect for spring and will compliment all skin tones. I love it!

Did you pick up anything from the new collection?


*Latina Kisses*



  1. BrittanyCamryn

    I actually wanted little girl type but didnt want to spend $14 on a nail polish so I ordered this on ebay the other day bc I thought it looked similar! thanks for the post now I see they are almost identical 🙂

  2. Brony

    I love this collection, its some great for this spring and oh so cute! Thats funny that the colors are pretty much the same… 😛 well now I know I don't have to go to a MAC retailer just to get that color! 😀 Thanks!

  3. Donna

    I'm not sure if you used a topcoat at all (or if you used different topcoats) but from the pictures it looks like the Essie polish is actually a little shinier than the MAC one. After the swatches I like the Essie polish better anyways – thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. Isela

    I love this collection. The purple lipsticks are not as purple on, BTW they are SOLD OUT on line! The Candy yum-yum lipstick is extremely pink for me and playing Koi is extremely bright nude w orange tone (don't know how to describe it). I love Sakura blush it reminds me of Hang loose from the Summer collection last year (which I bought 3 of hang loose blush cuz I loved it so much). I wanted Mischievous Mint nail polish but didn't want to pay $14 so I went to CVS and I got Mint Sorbet for $3!!!

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