Downtown L.A. – "Shopping"

Alley Cats

Everyone in SoCal knows or has heard of the districts in Downtown Los Angeles. There is a shopping area for everything you can think of:


Toys District

Flowers District

Fabric District

Fashion District

Jewelry District

Carly called me earlier in the day and suggested a trip to the alleys for beads, eyelashes, hot dogs, and random products. B was non stop about her friend’s birthday gift…so we had to stop at any stand/store that had Hello Kitty in it. She bought tshirts, wallet, nail polish, and a cute trash can.

Ive never seen so much fake makeup in my life. The bunk M.A.C. had really cute packaging but I knew it was all as fake as Britney Spear’s hair.

The thing to look for is the label on the back or bottom of the product. The faces are usually white, clear, or gray. M.A.C. has a black label. There are are so many things down to the way the eyeshadow is pressed into the palettes. Open your eyes chicas!

There was so many nail products! Above are jars of foils and glitters for acrylic nails and also nail pens. Below are the ever so popular crackle style nail polishes in different colors for $5.

Jude was being a good sport, and I rewarded him with a bubble gun. It got everywhere and Carly wanted to kill herself because she didn’t want her UGGS to get messed up.

I almost died when I saw that Tutti Frutti had Guava flavor frozen yogurt! It was so refreshing on such a great day. Later that day it rained men when I was on my way home so it was perfect timing.

I don’t think I am sexy in the slightest…I just thought this was funny haha. I did buy these shirts, 2 for $10. A couple of weeks before my friend Crystal bought Jude the Muno shirt (red). They had Yo Gabba Gabba dolls too! On our way back to the car we came across a store that had tons of great stuff for $1 and no tax! Eyelashes, makeup, nail polish, flowers for your hair, accessories and TONS of rings!

I had to hold myself back and took home these 3 bad boys. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you would know I have been over doing it with eye lashes. I placed my second order on ebay and then when I saw this display I almost died.

I got a few of each of these styles at $1 a pc which is amazing. I love Red Cherry Lashes, but after IMATS last year I have special spot on my face for Miss Adoro Lashes too. Haha.

Years ago, Carly and I went to a Mark Ryden Exhibit ( he is one of my favorite artists).

This is one of his pieces.

Carly saw this and thought I would like it so I had to have it!

OMG okay so you cant go to “Alley” without something fake…intentional or not…but I saw this and I thought it was RALPH by Ralph Lauren. I got tricked ahaha.

She told me it was $12 and I was sold! Then she was saying Alpha and I looked at the bottle and I was cracking up. Oh well it smells the same.

I wore this scent years ago and every time I smell it, it brings back memories.



It was a good, it was a super way…to spend time together

– The Fresh Beat Band


We had a great day. Since I moved away I haven’t had that much time with Carly and B and I hope that will change soon. They are so much fun to be around and I know you all love them too.

Also on the calendar…Palm Springs this week!! I will make sure that we go live on BlogTv and take plenty of pictures.


  1. Anonymous

    Oh my god that place looks amazing wish there was somewhere like that where I lived, those rings are savage loves them! And Judes t-shirt is brilliant cause you are one fit momma!


    lol at those shirts! SO cute! Jude is so cute i just wanna pinch his cheeks! πŸ™‚

    i seriously have never been to downtown LA and im really wanting to go!! πŸ™‚

    maybe one day! i'll bring my girls with me and they'll keep Jude company! haha!

  3. Anonymous

    los callejones are fun u see a lots of things, but yup u do have to be really careful couse most of the stuff are fake! :/ haha I also got a perfume an ed-hardy one it smell the same and everything pero mancha la ropa so be careful with the one u got. Take care n keep having fun! πŸ˜‰

  4. Cari

    know i wanna go to the alleys specially after seeing those lashes….but i guess it will be in a couple weeks

  5. Anonymous

    fSonia!, can you please give me the name of the place you got your lashes and rings for a $1, pretty please???

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun shopping :-)…Can you give me the name of the store where you got your rings and lashes for $1, please? πŸ˜€

  7. Anonymous

    Please please post the names or streets where I can find the eyelashes and rings because it's hard to find them with out the names please please!!!!!!!

  8. Georgina

    I can't believe you like Mar Ryden?!?! I loooove him and have never found anyone who knows who he is let along likes him. When I was in college studying art I did a project on him and loved it. Could replicate his work all day long.

    Just a quick question, unrelated to this blog post but, i was reading your older posts and noticed you use glue on naisl aswell. How do you remove them? And do they remove easily? Because I use the Kiss nails and hate getting them off because they take forever, and also ruin my natural nails. I find myself going round in a circle, needing false ones to cover up my damaged nails.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Georgina x

  9. Anonymous

    u should check your local dollar store at mine they have red cherry lashes for 1.29 and all other 100% human hair lashes are 1.00…..

  10. Mascara Addict =)

    hehe I LOVE the alleys! All your pics made me wanna go again lol I'll probably go this coming weekend and hunt down that $1 accessories store! I've never seen that guava yogurt flavor- I gotta try that too!

  11. Anonymous

    I went to downtown LA on friday and I also went to the $1 store with the Miss Adoro lashes. I ended up buying a lot of them. πŸ™‚

  12. Micaela

    Wow, I am surprised that you went. I am addicted to the callejones, I have always came home with bags of stuff. I am never bored when I go, there is too much to buy! wink wink

  13. Anonymous

    OMG I love going to Downtown L.A. !It's the best place ever lOl.. My family and I go down there every November. You literally need like a week to visit every “store” there!. Glad you're starting to post blogs again! πŸ™‚

  14. Bluvsmakekup

    Hey girl,

    So the last time I was out there at the alley I didn't have any luck finding the nails stuff and the $1 lashes. Can you tell me what streets was the nails and lashes were at? Thanks a bunch! xoxo

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