OOTD & Baby Shower

How to keep your hair curly all day long…
I have 2 secret weapons:
1.) GHD Flat Iron
2.) Garnier Fructis ‘Flexible Control’ Anti- Humidity Hairspray
To get a little added volume I flip my hair and spray.
If that is too much product for those of you who are new to hairspray,
lift sections of your hair and lightly spray.
I bought a few new hair sprays at the drugstore recently but this one is by far the most used of the bunch. I feel like such a hoarder at times but I am in search for the best of the best.
You know what I mean…right ladies?
Today’s Outfit:
Cream Bulky Crochet Style Sweater – BOA
White Slinky Cami – FASHION Q
Hammer Dark Stretch Jeans – FASHION GAL
Nude Suede Strap Heels – FOREVER21
These shoes were made for sitting. I almost killed myself in WalMart buying wrapping for my gift and felt like I was walking on stilts lol.
Brigitte’s Baby Shower: ITS A BOY
We are celebrating baby Noah who is due any time now. I am so excited for my good friend of many years…Brigitte. We have always said that we would be in each other’s weddings and have babies at the same time. Well things don’t always go as planned, but soon she will be a mother 🙂
I took some pictures, then my camera was acting up so here are a few I was able to salvage.
Brigitte and her Grandmother.
She was such a sweetheart! She said to me ‘I’m a little shrimp next to you’ haha.
I’m not sure the type of punch this was but it was displayed and decorated so sweet with orange slices. The crystal bowl and matching glasses were her grandmother’s that were passed down. When I planned my baby shower I wish I saw these really cute name confetti.
She found these at Party City for those of you that were wondering.

The food was good, small and perfect for snacking. There were the cutest little pickles! I wanted to eat them all. They were not sweet either haha.

Brigitte and her cousin Jamie wore the same dress lol. This was too funny. It took about 30 minutes at the party for everyone to make a little comment about it.

It wouldn’t be a shower without a few games:
Nursery Scramble
Animal Mom / Animal Baby MatchingThis was a tough one
Don’t cross your legs!
Guess the Size of her Belly with a String
And how many Jelly Beans in the baby bottle Which I lost but the winner was nice enough to share with me :] Thanks Jen haha.
Brigitte looked so beautiful.
She made me miss my baby belly. She is going to be so happy when she meets her little creation. I am so honored to be apart of this special time in her life. We share the same doctor and she will be delivering at the same hospital. It will be too weird if its in the same room.
I have never been so scared in my life when I found out I was pregnant.

I have never been so happy in my life when I saw my son’s face for the first time.
*Latina Kisses*


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