The Best Salad on the Planet…in my opinion

The Carly Salad
OK, its really not called that but every time I go to her house she makes a salad just like the one I am about to show you. Its really easy to make and you should be able to find all of these ingredients at one store. I usually get them at Trader Joe’s but I didn’t have the time or energy to drive out to one so I went to Fresh & Easy.
What you will need:
Mixed Green Salad bag
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Candied Pecans
Dried Cranberries
Red Onion
Persian Cucumber
Feta Cheese
Wash salad mix and dump in a bowl of your choice.

Dice up Cucumber and Red Onion. The amount will depend on how many you will be serving. A little goes a long way with the onion…so don’t over do it.

Add in the rest of the ingredients but leave out the dressing. Let your guest be the judge on how much to add to their salad. I love dressing so I might over pour hehe.
Notice the amounts that I added to the bowl.
Toss and Serve.

Let me know how this worked out for you. I love salads like these that have crunch and sweetness. I don’t mind going back for seconds. Healthy and satisfying meal.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Shopalot12

    I'm hungry just looking at this. Funny thing is my hubby and I went grocery shopping last night and we were both loading up on salad ingredients! Great minds think alike right, lol.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the idea! I tried it and my family loved it. The only thing that i did different was adding raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette.

    It was delish!

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