Happy Birthday Tommy!

New Cut
I wanted to really just cut my hair off but I think I should wait for summer, I will miss my hair too much if I got rid of it. I have been getting so many messages telling me to go back to my old “look” from when I lived in Virgina.

I took my razor, which I bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply for under $10, and took a couple of sweeps down from my eyebrow towards my nose and TADA! Done. I’m sure there are tons of videos on how to get side swept bangs on YouTube so check it out there.
Today is my nephew Tommy Lee’s 4th birthday. Every time there is a birthday we all get together and have a small dinner and cake. I like it that way, keeps the family closer together.
The kids were so cute together. You should all know that Jude is mine, Tommy is red and he is my brother’s youngest son, and the other three are my twin sister’s children Mikey Emily and Denise.

Jude was in need of a nap so he quickly left the couch.

Time to make a wish and blow out the candles!
My brother, his beautiful wife Lizzie and the birthday boy.

Lizzie made the BEST red velvet cake ever!! I don’t really like cake, but there is nothing better than a homemade cake. I don’t know what kind of frosting there was on that cake but it was soooo good.

I wonder what he wished for? Hes got everything a little boy could need. He has the best parents around.

Before we got to the cake (I am far to tired to rearrange these pictures lol) we had a hearty pasta and garlic bread. It was so yummy it was almost a sin.

Jude is on a pasta kick so he took the whole plate down to china town.

Once more, Happy Birthday Tommy!
What I am wearing in this post: Vintage Tee (Kris left behind and I cut up)
At the party: Racerback Tee by FOREVER21, Button-up Stripped Sweater by Target
Jude’s outfit by Target
I always forget to mention my clothing and things like that, so I will make sure that I list them in future posts. I need to get on my fashion and cosmetic game on here. I have been so wrapped up in my family…I need all the love and support during this time.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Meg Masquerade

    You're hair is so gorgeous, don't cut it off! I used to have long hair just like that and I cut it all off to donate to cancer. I miss my hair so much, but since it was a good cause it was totally worth it :o)

  2. miss.xcarmenx

    i love seeing post of you with your family or your outtings. it makes me see other places hahaha!… since i stay in my san diego bubble =]. your not too far but yey!.. that cake does look yummy!

  3. Anonymous

    Sonia you're so beautiful.You're family is all full of good looks I see.Tell Lizzie her cake looks awesome.I hope all is well.Thank you for being so sweet and keeping up with your blog.It's definitely my fave.Muchas Gracias!
    W/allot of love!
    P.S. Where was your Mom?She's awesome.

  4. peggyl

    i love love love love love your hair!!! 🙂 i am seriously considering those colored extensions now 🙂 i dyed my hair with some streaks of hot pink last year and i miss it, but the only problem is that it fades so fast 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Sonia you look gorgeous with your long hair don't cut it Please. You also look like you lost so much weight, it looks nice but I really think your face looks better when it was a litlle fuller, you look to skinny now 🙁 Love you girl.

  6. m

    wow… First off, that is a gorgeous picture of you! Secondly, I was just thinking about getting my bangs cut at a salon because i was having a hard time cutting them with plain scissors. Now I know there's a specific razor to be bought! Thanks! Please do a tut or something like that re that razor. 🙂

  7. korina

    Love the new bangs! Im trying to grow mine out but I might end up chopping them up with that new tool – as soon as I make it to Sally's. Thanks for the tip!

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