Skidders – Coolest shoes for kids who dont like shoes

My son has a big heart already…
My mom called me on my cell the other night and told me that she found a litter of kittens in the bushes while she was watering. They were covered with ants and she didn’t know what to do. I rushed over to help her with the little babies and washed them up really good.
Jude loved them. He quickly caught on that he was not allowed to pick them up and that he needed to be nice.
Every time Jude heard them meow he would say “uh oh” haha.
These kittens were so cute and unfortunately they were too little for food. I gave my friend Carly a call and told her what the situation was and she found them a good home that night!

I ran into these cool sock shoes while browsing the infant section in my local Target store. They have them in a few different styles for boys and girls, so I picked these up to give them a try.
Jude doesn’t mind socks, but he hates shoes! He didn’t try too hard to remove these bad boys. He was walking a little funny at first and then it was like second nature.
He is wearing a Black Paul Frank t-shirt from Target,
and Smokey Grey Cargo Shorts from Old Navy.

They look like clogs for this angle.
I think the only down side to these Skidders was that they made little Dunkas patas (feet) sweaty. It didn’t seem to bother him too much though.
Along with the shoes and few items of clothing, I also picked up a second car seat for Jude so I could keep one installed in my car at all time and when I would ride in someone else’s car I would have a car seat on stand by.
We got to put it to the test when me and my sister made a trip to see my father in the hospital.
He had so much fun with his cousins Mikey and Emily. They were a handful together. I will definitely wait until I am in a relationship with someone who is ready to chase kids with me, I cant imagine having more than one alone. STRESS.

On our way back they were out for the count! So cute to see them all sleep so soundly.

I am working on some new cosmetic reviews. I have been so consumed with my family recently. Like I said in my last post, family is everything and when you are down, embrace them.
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Sonia, these are actually a knock off of a brand called Bical… They have many styles and don't make their feet sweat or stink. You might want to look them up. 🙂

  2. Viviana

    I am sorry to be so nosy but, I've been following your blog (which is awesome!) for quite some time now and I am really confused! What happened with your hubby??!! You guys seemed so happy and then it's like poof he disappeared? I am lost, could you please fill me in?

  3. Anonymous

    Super cute! I might have to pick up a pair! Oh and Im with Vivian on this one. I couldnt help but notice the part where you said ” I will definitely wait until I am in a relationship with someone who is ready to chase kids with me, I cant imagine having more than one alone. STRESS.” Either way hope all is well with you!

  4. MissDayLopez

    Hi soNia I have been following your blog and your tutorials and I must say that you are a beautiful mom I just cant wait to have my own baby soon on jan 23 yay!! I was reading your comments and I do notice that you dont mention your hubby anymore, do you mind if I ask?! what happen to him?! I hope everything is going well and you have a gorgeous son
    muchas bendiciones Sonia!!!

  5. Anonymous

    wow i thought i was the only one confused about what happened with kris i thought did i missed something i guess i did i wonder what happened well take care your son is cute!!!!

  6. lilli

    Sonia, your blessed with Jude! He is wonderful and you are beautiful.
    What harsh times is “finding myself” talking about? Hope thats just a very bad joke..
    Love from Germany

  7. Andrea

    My son has the same shirt and the little shoes 🙂 We use them at my mother in laws house since he tends to slip on the hardwood.

    And just a note, I am not at all trying to be rude so please please don't take it that way, but that little boy in the middle, his chest clip of his car seat is at his belly and it needs to be at armpit level or else it can cause serious injury during an accident. If you could pass the word along to his mom that would be great. I am kind of a car seat safety nut 🙂

  8. estmommy09

    Those 'shoes' look comfy! I might look them up 'cause my little prince always takes his shoe off(only the right one hmm idk why).

    *Jude keeps getting more handsome each day:)*
    Hope you get back with Chris, nothings better than having all your children from the same dad.

    God bless you and your family<3

  9. Anonymous

    not to be bossy, but someone needs to fix the boys carseat thats riding in the middle. his straps are not right. they should be at his chest not his stomach. if they were in a wreck he would get really hurt.

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