Mommy Dunka / Baby Dunka shoes

Taking it back Old Skool
Me and my son are becoming closer than ever as the day pass and he is getting old and talking more. He is stretching so fast and his little chubby feet are longer and ready for big boy shoes.
I bought him a pair of slip on VANS a few months back and he hated them. The top of his feet are chubby and I think they hurt him. These ones are adjustable. They are the VANS Old Skool V. Shoes are an obstacle for new walkers. He was standing like he was 6 feet off the floor when I stood him up to try out his new shoes.

Mommy + Jude = Love

Just because he is a boy and I am the mommy does not mean we cant have matching shoes. Back when I just got out of High School, I went through a tomboy stage, and had a pair of these shoes and it brought back good memories.
I just finished my makeup tutorial (Burnt Rose) and taking some pictures for my thumbnail and Jude wanted in the pictures too.
One thing I am trying to do is slowly ween Jude off the ‘tweetwee‘.

He does not like it one bit. He hates being told no. I wonder who he got that from lol. I don’t think he is ready, I think the pain in my back will go away, but ultimately I don’t think its the right time. From the look on his face (poor bunny) I think he will be happy with the decision I am making.

Carly the bff came and got us for some lunch at THE HAT and then to meet up with my newest model for my channel.

I have been loving the weather lately.
I love it when its cold out so I can snuggle in my sweaters and unique scarves!

Do you and your kids have matching items of clothing? I think its really cute!
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Anna Saccone

    Oh gosh, you both look adorable!! And his crying face is too cute for words…I could never say no to that face either! I'm all for matching shoes…why not? He mightn't like it when he's older so I say make the most of it now..hehehe 😉 <3

  2. Michelle Xo

    So cute! Jude's face when you said no is PRICELESS and heartbreaking hahaha.
    I don't have any children, but I have 2 sisters and my Mother used to dress us all alike, and match us herself. My sister and I are 9 years apart, and 4 years between my younger sister and I..
    I have a funny picture of us ALL wearing tie-dye dresses (oh the 90's). It was horrifying to me as an adult, but I will absolutely horrify my children in the same way. I think it's a right of passage of sorts.

  3. Jessica

    Ugh, Jude's little face breaks my heart! And to know that I'm going to have to do that to my son when we hit the weening stage *crys*
    Stay strong woman! Those faces can change the course of the universe if you dont keep on your toes.

  4. caguila5

    My daughters and I have matching aprons with our names stitched on them. Whenever I'm wearing an outfit I don't want to get dirty while cooking I'll put mine on and all of a sudden I'll have 2 matching helpers! lol

  5. **Megan**

    Love the shoes – so cute together!

    I breastfed my son until he was about a year old. He just weaned pretty easily because I think he knew it was time. I know it's a hard time for you and Jude. Wish I could offer more advice… He is such a cutie!

  6. PrincessTGDA

    girl my sister is trying to get my nephew off la chichi and its going pretty good… last night she put a bandaid on then and told her baby she was hurt…. my mom did this to my brother too and it works

  7. verag21

    I have two kiddos and we do match up things. Like for example we will all wear out matching U of A clothes or even go out wearing the same color scheme. I know my kids love when we all match on way or another, my daughter says it makes her feel like a “special family”. I love those two more than words can describe and anyway I can keep us all close I'm willing to try.

    As for the chi chi issue I usually continued full time feeding up until they were 1yr then after that it was only at night time because for me those were the hardest feedings to stop. I just love those personal moments with my kids just the two of us and watching them fall sound asleep. Priceless.. They usually weened themselves a short time after that. Good luck & the best of wishes you two..

  8. Nancy

    Awww…your lil guy is so cute! Reminds me of my lil one who's turning 2 in Nov. They grow up so fast. He also has the chubby feet…haha! We got him sum shoes n he jst complained they hurt…but aren't the chubby feet adorable 🙂

  9. mariana

    Hey sonia, I have two kids a boy and a girl. I think in a way we all dress a like. Me and my son would be wearing same/similar shirts and my daughter and I would be wearing same kind of pants. My sister-in-law had told me she told my nephew the milk fairy took the milk which he believed cause she put tabacco on her boobs. When he tryied it he didn't like it and started drinking his milk from a cup. Hope it works. P.s. they don't eat the tabacco they spit it out. nobody likes it.

  10. Anonymous

    I just subscribed to you on youtube and I just LOVE you! You have such a genuine heart and it shows through your videos! You truly are my favorite beauty guru. I hope you continue to do what you do and stay strong. You have a lot of supporters and I am one of them! =)

  11. Alxis

    Jude is so adorable! are u excited that Dulces having a boy too?. just wondering. lol you guys should do a video together if u ever arent too busy.

  12. Alxis

    Jude is so adorable! are u excited that Dulces having a boy too?. just wondering. lol you guys should do a video together if u ever arent too busy.

  13. Anonymous

    I am a mother to 3 little girls. I think weaning at this time is not a good time for Jude he knows and feels his daddy is away and you trying to wean him at this time is also making him feel like you are taking more of yourself away from him and its too much for him. I went thru the same thing with my oldest and her doctor as well as mine told me to just keep nursing till the enviroment was more normal (routine) and all seemed to be settled and the wean and funny thing is once the routine was established w/o dad and everything was normal for me and my daughter being a single mom she weaned herself around 14 or 15 months old. I guess she felt safe and secure. So like they say take they cues from your baby they know what they need and why they need it even if we don't understand them. But hugs to you and Jude his lil fae is just too cute to say no too 🙂

  14. Nichole

    You are so gorgeous! I love looking at the pictures of you and your son. You are such a strong woman and mother. I too have a son, he is 18 months old and I am still nursing him. I have thought of weening but I don't think either of us (especially my son lol) are ready for it. I think the time will come when you will both be ready but I wouldn't rush it. Rushing it only means he's that much closer to not being your baby :(. Good luck with everything. I really think you are a beautiful person and I admire you so much 🙂

  15. Mariam Shabbir

    me and my mum have the exact same dress as each other and am 13..!! oh and my mum dont know who you are and when she saw your son she's like who's that.? i said its a celebrity's kid and she's like he is sooooooo cute..!!

  16. Anonymous

    hey..sonia..just wanted to let you know that some one was ur pictures of you and your son about 6 months ago for facebook..supposly my gf ..she use the name kayla taylor…and she used ur pics on her profile i think that is really sick….

  17. Anonymous

    why doesnt sonia or who ever replyes ….just tell me a few questions..was it you sonia that was using kayla taylor name on facebook…….

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