Cheers! To good friends…

Its been one of those days…
Carly and her family have been nothing but sweet to me during this really difficult time for me and Jude. I feel like I am more and more in debt with them as the days go on.

We woke up later than usual, and feeling rested we decided to have a special lunch/dinner…linner. On the menu: Mimosas, and grilled Lobsters and Squash.
As you all might know, I recently uploaded a video of my friend Carly making Mimosas for our little get together over the weekend. She also started her own channel, click here to check her out and subscribe!
For those of you who want to see a quick visual…here is how you can quickly make this popular brunch favorite:
As Carly would say, “I’m a baller on a budget”, so we got the champagne that was on sale.

The best orange juice under the sun is “Simply Orange.

Carly likes here with a kick so she fills the glass about 3/4 the way, then you top it off with a splash of the orange juice. That’s it! a really simple cocktail right? The carbonation from the champagne and the acid from the oj jacks me up, so I cant have too much.


Now for dinner: Squash of your choice and the fastest Lobster at the meat counter!
We sliced the squash up, drizzled some olive oil, and sprinkled some salt and pepper over those bad boys and set them aside.

For the Lobster, Carly used a few of her favorite seasonings.
Salt, Pepper, Mrs. Dash Original Blend, Montreal Steak Seasoning, and a whole lemon for its juice.

While waiting for the grill to get hot I cut up some white onions as well.

I love the print on the shell of the lobsters. Almost like an animal print you would see in the jungle. You grilll these fat dudes until they are pink on the outside and the meat is white.

Carly’s trick is to keep an eye on the tails and watch for them to curl up…that’s when you know you can stick a fork in them because they are DONE!

While we were sitting around enjoying the backyard and the nice weather, Jude found the “pool”. Jude is a water baby to say the least. Anything to do with the water he is all for and is not afraid to jump in head first. He is very adventurous, but it scares the black off my hair.
I used to work at a tile shop a few years back and I hooked Carly up with tons of cool pieces for her pond. The colorful tiles sparkled in the sun.

There was no holding this Dunk back. He was trying to get in with his clothes on. I figured hes been through a lot lately, so why not let him go a little wild?
The following pictures reminded me of the little boy from the Jungle Book or Tarzan.
But since its Jude, Hes Dunka the cave man. It looks like he is about to jump into a pool of water you would find on an exotic island.

Look at this face. He is so innocent, yet so mischievous.
With eyes like that how can you ever say no to him? I love this little boy more than I could ever express. More than I could ever love another person.

He kept trying to drink the water! Amen it was just washed out and the water was replaced before he decided to go for a dip.
The whole point of today’s post was let Carly know that I love her and thank you for being so good to me and my son (I want to cry!!) She is such a great friend. She has been so caring towards me and Jude. She has listened to every word, hugged me after every tear and has let me and Jude stay with her and kept me company during this hard transition.
All I have to say is MEN OF HOLLYWOOD! *Screams*
Have you been through something like this? Who do you own a thank you to recently?
*Latina Kisses*


  1. SarQuintz

    I'm so glad you've found a trusting friend to confide in.In any hardship,it's comforting to have a girlfriend.
    I definitley have to thank Xochitl aka MONKEY for always being around when I need her,and vice versa for her. We've know each other not very long at all but it feels like a lifetime. Like I tell others,she's left a lasting impressiom on my heart and it can never be erased(: <3

  2. barbiedollTori

    AWW Jude totally looks like a little Mougly!
    Hey girl,
    I want to condone you on how strong you are being.. I don't know exactly whats going on but I can say you are being a great mom, and holding yourself very well. 🙂
    I have you and Jude in my prayers.

  3. Laura

    I went through a similar situation and all i have to say is that if i wouldnt have my BFF maritza with me idk what ive would have done! is always nice to have someone that cares for you n listen while ure letting all the pain out! ppl like her are a blessing in our life thow!
    anyways, i wish u the best for u n ur baby, wich btw is gorgeous! xoxo!

  4. Ofee Martinez

    Ok so im not sure your situation cuz im new to ur blog but i have to say ur an awesome person with great style and wish nothing but the best for you and ur family. I dunno wut its like to have BFFs like urs because I lost alot of friends to gangs and wut not ur lucky to have them in ur life! Take care and sendin lots of luv from my mexi-family to urs!! 🙂

  5. GiGi

    You're very lucky to have amazing and caring friends that listen. Jude is one lucky little guy to be surrounded by so much love.
    It's hard because sadly when you're with a person with an addiction, your life spirals as much as theirs. You get through it with love, support, tears, words, and even anger. One day you wake up and the pain isn't suffocating anymore. Some people just move on, but you put all your love and life into your family, its almost like a death. You'll move on because you have an amazig personality that won't let you stop living.
    One day if he gets his ducks in row and grows up, he'll wake up to see his loss, the loss of his family.
    Whatever happens, never settle for even a little less because you'll end up giving up yourself.
    I thank my beautiful cousins for being with me and protecting me. My story is long and sad, but I'm now happier than I've been.
    I hope the happiest of times and life for you and Jude.

  6. Latysha's Way

    I shouldnt assume but if you are having relationship problems you are doing one helll of a job by being strong. I woulda been broke down. Its a sucky situation to be in. But your right when u got good friends it makes it a lot easier to get over the hardship. I really hope that this stressful time come and go..keep smiling.xo tysh

  7. Donna

    I don't know exactly what's going on in your relationship, I can't find anywhere where you've mentioned it publicly except in maybe a twitter to Kourtney Kardashian, but all I can say is I hope that everything works out for you, be strong for your baby, and I'm so glad that you've found people in your life that love and care about you enough to help you through this tough time.

  8. Gigi

    Wow you're so lucky to have those friends. I've searched all my life for true friends to lean on and it ain't easy haha. So sorry about the issues you're having. And wishing strenght for the next weeks to come. The hardest times are the first days, I think.
    I hope you continue being happy.:)

  9. Anonymous

    Honestly, your post made me cry too. I'm so happy that you have wonderful friends in your life. Its times like these where you really know who your true friends are. This post made me think of what great friends I have and it brought up some really strong emotions. Your so strong for leaving for your son and I wish you the best. Please stay strong. I have a friend that just won't leave. Hes an alcoholic and has done everything possible to her and yet she won't leave. She comes to me with her problems and all I can do is support her. I'm scared for her and I hope one day she will be strong enough like you and leave.

  10. Araceli

    I'm not sure whats going on or anything I'm not a big fan of twitter. I dont know how to use it and don't want/need an account haha but I some times read the posts but don't get it any way. I'm guessing it has something to do with your babys dad. There is a lot of single moms out there, if they can do it so can you. My mom did it I was 8 years old when it happend and my little sister was a new born. We all turned out fine =) hang in there. I'm glad you have awesome friends by your side. I have 2 friends and I love them to death and would do anything for them as they would for me. I haven't been through “tough” times but life is tough in its self and they are always there when ever I need them.

  11. NinafromTX

    I am so happy you have surrounded yourself with good positive and loving people. You and Jude definitely deserve it. How can a man not care for a “Hot Mom” like you and the cutest son like Jude. Stay strong and remember everything works as God wants it to. Love ya girl, even though you don't know who I am, just a supportive follower LOL.

  12. Maxine

    I don't what has happened or what situation you are currently in but from twitter, ur blog etc i understand that your in a lot of pain. i've followed you from the start and just want to let you know that your an inspiration to ALL mommies out there (i'm one myself) in this difficult time. keep being strong for your wee man Jude and by the sounds of it you have amazing friends…. sending you lots of love and support from my family in northern ireland xxx

  13. Anonymous

    Im sorry Kris left u and you Jude. But who needs him right?be strong! Well all love you here and it looks like you have great friends!

  14. Yuri

    Hey doll, Im really sorry about whats doing on with you, I read a comment on your youtube channel that said you were single, and I dont know if thats really the situation that your in, and I just wanna say that if it is you are one strong ass women, lol.. cause I know thats one of the hardest things that you can go threw, especially for you, that there is a little one involved. Your a great mother! <33

  15. Anonymous

    Hey Girl, I watch all of your vidoes and follow your blog religiously! I am pregnant right now and have really looked to your videos for advice…what is going on? Any advice you would give for relationships with kids involved? Are you ok?

  16. Anonymous

    girl you are so strong. i was also in a situation were he would rather waste money on his addiction then pay for his daughters formula. i thought i had to be with him because he was the father of my child. but i had good friends like you who were there since day one, i love you. nd i wish you the best for you nd jude, && how my mama would say “dios aprieta pero no aorca”!

  17. Anonymous

    HI sonia,i know this is a old post but i just started reading your post and i started to cry.just wanted to say that i was in a similiar situation with my lil girls father a few years back when my lil one was only a few months old.where nothing mattered to him but his addiction. i loved him very much but i knew i couldnt stay and raise my daughter in that situation.i litterly left in the middle of the night,the hardest and scariest thing i ever had to do.It took me along time to get over it but with good friends and alot of tears my life is great now not perfect but whos is.

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