Jude’s First Haircut

Jude’s first REAL Haircut
Jude’s hair was getting really long and crazy and it was time for a cut.
I guess he was in the right place at the right time. My friend Carly needed a trim while we
are out here in Palm Springs, so I decided it was time to trim his hair too.

I usually only cut his bangs but its so flippin hot out here, I knew he would appreciate it.
Thank goodness the Lord blessed me with such a good baby, he sat still thru the whole thing.
Like I said at the start of this post, it was only a trim. There was much more all over the floor and sink but I wanted to keep and nice thick lock for his scrapbook.
What is Jude’s favorite snack? Gerber puffs. He loves the cheese flavor! He doesn’t know how to share just yet so he tried to carry them all at once haha.
Time for bed! My son should be a model. I know a lot of parents think they have the cutest kid, but I know! lol. Look at those eyes, they remind me of his daddy.
I’m not skilled in the hair cutting department so I’m sure its a little uneven but I think it looks cute. It gives him a older look. Also I know I will be getting less “Is he a boy or a girl?” comments.
How was your child’s first hair cut? If you have a child yourself, a brother or sister, or even a niece or nephew…how was it?
*Latina Kisses*


  1. *ms.angela89*

    Awww, hes a doll. Reminds me so much of my son! He was born on August.10th.2009! So he's 1 yrs old, and he also loves GERBER MILD CHEDDER CHEESE FALVOR cheetos. He does exactly what Jude does, try to grab them all in one fist. haha, so adorable. I can definitely relate to you hon. I trimed my son's hair and HAHAHAH, big failed! -_- Here's a pic.


    Yes, it was a big failed, HAHAHA! It grew out and his grandpa shaved him. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. <33 I love it.

    Love, Angela C.

  2. TiffanyMonet

    Jude is adorable! You should put him in model! =) My lil Soltani is 2yrs old and he has long curly hair.I've never cut it,and I'm not sure if I ever will. I always get asked if he's a girl..lol!

    Besos. T

  3. estmommy09

    He is so frkcn cute! He does have a lot of hair and it wasn't hard to tell he's a boy before his haircut.

    I have a son, he was born JULY 14 2009 so he's about to be 14 months, I cut his hair when he was 10 months. He had too much and it wasn't even at all not even close lol. We cut it bald and I wish he would of sat still like Jude hehe but my son was crying and crying but he looked very cute afterwards:D

    Jude is sooo cute too I love seeing posts about him!!
    God bless your family Sonia <3

  4. AileensMommy

    aww he is adorable. i planing to cut my daughters hair when she goes to kindergarden. she is 11months old and her hair touches her lips.. i think im going to cry.

  5. julie

    You did an awesome job mama!! I've got two boys..my first born, I totally messed up on his 1st haircut! I cut his bangs while he was asleep and it turned out to be a bowl cut. Whoops! My second son, my husband buzzed off all of his hair..I cried my eyes out..seriously. He had beautiful hair and it was all gone. Don't ever let Kris shave Jude's beautiful hair! lol

  6. AnNeTtEe

    awww… your baby's adorable!!! my baby's already 4 & we haven't cut his hair yet…. it's almost up to his butt now… LOL… we'll be cutting it real soon though… it's cool how your son sat still while you were doin it…

  7. StephyyBabyy

    I have a 20 month old baby && i also cut his hair after he was 1 his hair was as long as your baby && he did great the first time but then then second time when i cut all his hair off [cuz thats the tradition in my family && im from mexico hopin he would get curly hair cuz he got it from both sides] he hated it. he cried && cried

  8. pinkcorazon85

    my son was amazing! I think I was more nervous than him. He sat on his daddys lap and listened to instructions well. But man with boys you are always cutting there hair.

    Jude looks adorable!

  9. Sabrina

    My child's first hair cut was easy. I have a six year old boy and a 3 year old girl but I remember both of their first cuts. There was little fuss, in fact they did'nt like having to get off the chair we had them on. I took lots of pics plus I did what Sonia did when she took a lock of hair.

  10. eva

    Cool HAIRCUT! my son is going to be 2 this month =) and he's had so many haircuts already, he has very dark hair and full hair. That's cool I'm from Palm springs! how are you handling the hot weather? lol

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