Yo Gabba Gabba Rainbow Birthday Cake – Muno!

Jude’s Yo Gabba Gabba Rainbow Birthday Cake

Because he cant speak, other than “MaMa“, “Up”, and “DADA”, we picked one of our favorite characters from Jude’s favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba for his cake.
I was searching high and low for ideas online and thanks to
I found everything from where to purchase party supplies down to our invitations. My invites are so cute I have to blog about them too, that will soon follow…I promise.
The only difference might be the use of flash. Get ready for a colorful post!
We wanted a special cake for our son’s first birthday, so we tried the “rainbow” method.
We bought a box of white, not yellow, cake mix and followed the directions on the box.
Then you want to measure out as many parts as colors you want.
We used 1cup of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.
(DecAcake food coloring)

Then pour in the mixes one by one.
Here are a few tools we used.
DecAcake food coloring for the cake mix. Duff Icing for under the fondant (acts as glue). Duff Cake Graffiti – Red (if you can find red fondant use that). Sparkle Gel – Black for the center of his eye. The fondant that i used was a brand by Michael’s Craft Store in White.

Dust the surface you are working on with powdered sugar.
Roll the fondant out thin, lay over cake, smooth out, and trim around the edges.

If you have the red fondant…you are lucky and can skip the next step.
This is where the cake graffiti comes in to play.

Many layers of this product.
It smelt like something you would spray in your hair and not on a cake.

Kris and his friends, back in high school, had their own graffiti aka tagging crew.
This project brought back some memories.
It took us about 2 hours at the most in decorating alone.
I’m sure it would have been faster if we weren’t teasing each other,
but we definitely had a good time making this cake.
As we made more cute into this cake,
the colors were every where and brighter than expected!

Time to eat our master piece!
This was the hardest part, after all that work, it took a moment of silence
before I was able to cut into this cute red monster.
As the picture below will explain itself, this was not a fashion or beauty post…
my apologies if I scared anyone lol.
Crystal (the bff), Kris (the hubby), Jude (the bubby), and Me!
I hope this post helped anyone that was thinking about saving money on a birthday cake,
but still keeping it fun and creative.
My son loves Yo Gabba Gabba, and if your little one does too don’t forget to check out
*Latina Kisses*


  1. Jessie

    OMG! I wish I would have asked you about your ideas when I had my Baby's birthday! He LOOOVES Yo Gabba Gabba and I couldn't find any party favors…AT ALL! You are doing such an AMAZING job with this! Keep us filled in to the rest of it.


  2. liz

    Sonia im confused, if you had
    invites why did yall make a cake
    and eat it by yourselfs. is there
    a bigger family party going on

    the cake looks professional like
    the ones that come out on the
    food network shows. yall should
    be proud! 😀

  3. Dye-A-Graham

    You and your hubby are awesome parents…I feel that cakes that you make have more love and creativity in them than purchased cakes. I also love your 'life' posts..there is more to life than just make-up and beauty..thanks for sharing your world with us…that's pretty special!

  4. sccastaneda

    This was a test cake. I wouldnt go thru all of that work for a couple of ppl lol. We want to make sure we know what we are in for the night before Jude's party.

    Kris rolled small balls out of AIRHEADS candys. I would use something softer like more fondant.

  5. Anonymous

    LOVE IT!!! ur family is adorable u have a nice back up team i love
    it! ps.. do u film while doin this i will love to see it in ur channel i bet i was a lot of fun 😀

  6. juicy

    did you make a video if not i think you guys should do another cake and make a video. I had never seen the rainbow method before and the cake looked so professional

  7. Ali

    I love it!!! The bumps on Muno look really good!!! Don't change them! Kris did that?! Great job son!!!! Sonia the cake is just awesome!!!
    Love Grandma Ali

  8. shannon swol

    so cute we had a gabba gabba cake for my nefew he loved it .. we had his party at the park and it was the middle of july in califorina lol so u know how that is we took paper plates and pained the gabba characters on them then glued popcycle sticks (from micheals crafts.) and maid fans/ masks for the kids they loved it . i also downloaded a few songs from itunes and made a mixed cd of gabba gabba songs a and got toy microphones for the goodie bags. hope he has a gread gabba gabba filled birthday

  9. eva

    I'm making a Barney cake myself for my son's 2nd b-day next month. Yo gaba gaba cake is adorable great job! plus the birthday boy looked really handsome 😉

  10. SarahR

    So when you poured in the cake batter is there some kind of magical technique? Did you start the pour in any particular place of the pan? The finished product looked so cute…I definately want to recreate the rainbow inside!

  11. Anonymous

    Your Muno cake looked awesome! Good job with spray painting it red, loved the way it turned out. My daughter really wants her cake to be Toodee. She loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. and thanks to DISH Network we get to sing and dance with Muno and the rest of the gang even on-the-go! As a DISH employee I can tell you that with the Sling box you can stream live TV content and DVR recordings right onto your iPhone, iPad, laptop or even Android. You should check out http://www.dishnetwork.com for more info.

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