The Dunkas…Jude’s first day at the beach!

The Dunkas


I always get asked “What does Dunka mean?”

Good question. Kris made it up one day when we were laying around enjoying our new (at the time) son. He started talking like a caveman and ‘Dunka‘ came out.

I know it sounds strange, but to us, its just us.

I got a call from my twin sister, Christina, and she invited us to the beach with her little family.

I couldn’t pass it up. I love my family, and now that I have Jude, I was super excited!

I had really horrible experiences as a child that involved the water so I don’t go in anymore.

Amen Kris was all for it because Jude had a blast.

Putting this post together, it was really hard to pick a handful of photos.

Kris and I never planed to have children, even before we got together we had our minds set on a childless future. When I found out I was pregnant, my heart told me differently.
My son is everything to me.

My Heart My Love My Light

This picture (above) was taken a couple of months before Jude was born.

I can’t believe the size of my belly.

I was told I was going to miss it.

I miss feeling Jude wiggling around.

Before we became parents….
…after god gave us our biggest blessing.

Its been a fun ride so far and I’m sure its just going to get better.

We all got home safe without sunburns, so it is safe to say Jude’s first day at the beach was filled with good times and will be remembered…always

*Latina Kisses*



  1. zrivera

    you have a beautiful family.. your son is gorgeous.. he is growing up so fast.. thank you for letting us(followers, subscribers..) be part of your world πŸ™‚ blessings to you always πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    aw that post was so cute!
    i remember watch your videos
    before you put one saying that you
    where pregnant and all people saying that you look bad and a lot of bad stuff and i love the way that you are strong enough to be like hey im a person and i feel good for who i am, that you are beautiful inside and outside! and i remember a couple of months before you have Jude you where in the hospital for some emergency i was sooo scared for both of you:( but thank god that was just a false alarme:). i really can say that im a fan of you not just for your youtube videos im a fan too of your life bc you are just AWESOME! i really cant write something “strong” enought for you saying how much you are for me and i think for a lot of others girls, and the fact that you are latina thats even better:P lol, i love that you post here and you are always on twitter and all that:) you really care for your “fans” im one of them:D you are the first youtube guru that i ever suscribe:D lol and im happy about that so yeah this comment is way to long lol but its ok i just wanted to say a little from the bottom of my heart so i hope that Jude, Kris, you of course, your twin, you mom ALL YOUR FAMILY is good and safe and all good things lol:)
    god bless on everything that you do and everything that you are going to do on the future:)<3

    xo Ossiris;)

  3. Flora D.

    Love the post! Thanks for sharing.
    We though the same as you and your partner. Never planned and been ready to have a child. But when we found out and had it, It has never been happier than now in life.

  4. joolee67

    this was such a calming post.. i just started following ur vid's on youttube about 5 months ago or so and your attitude, ur personality is one of my favorites. and u r such a beautiful caring mom! keep doing ur thing girlie :]

  5. Sabrina

    Jude is such a cute baby! I love the beach, and being able to get some sun. Thanks for letting us see the cute pics of your family at the beach!

  6. Joy

    That means so much to me that you said that even though he was not planned you are so happy with the way it turned out. I am pregnant and trying to wrap my head around it still!!

  7. loladfrog

    Holy crap..I was reading this with tears in my eyes. I have a two year old & have to say that he changed my life in a way I could never put in words! Thank you for being so open. πŸ™‚

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