Motherhood: Challenges at School

Motherhood:  Challenges at School

I am pretty open about things that happen to me and things that effect me. My son is a beautiful blessing and I would never say I wish I could take him back for anything. He is the reason I am where I am, in this bed, in this room, in this house – I did all of this for him. BUT- It has been challenging being Jude’s mommy. Most recently since starting school he has been in trouble and sent to the principles office more times than I can count for “fighting”. He is a strong willed boy. 
I have changed up my ways of discipline over the years. The way I was raised was how I started and it did not work. It only made me feel bad and made him feel scared of me. The same fear I had of my mother. Don’t get it twisted – I love her and she’s amazing – but my style is always evolving. I am currently using TIME OUT like he does at school so that is consistent and it works…for the most part. 
So in the recent months he has become very physical at school with others. I don’t care if its common – I don’t want it to continue. I have been told “He’s a boy, he’s fine”. If he came home hurt from another child at school I would raise hell. But he’s the hell raiser and Im his mama – so its been a tough pill to swallow for sure. Anyone else have this problem? 
I called my aunt who has her own battles raising a strong willed child and she gave me so much information and insight…it was comforting. Almost like she gave me a tight hug over the phone. I was so lucky to have her to turn to for this kind of support. I unfortunately am guilty of making faces or senseless comments about her parenting in the past because I didn’t understand. Boy do I ever, now. He’s not a total terror because he can be with others and not fight but the amount of times has been so high I decided to see if anyone else had this problem. This is not an open forum to tell me how to raise him – Im asking mother to mother if there are any of you who are dealing with this and how you are remedying this situation. 

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Hauler at me!

Hauler at your girl!

Today I posted my first haul of 2015. I always feel like I’m on drugs (I’m assuming thats how people are addicted to something feel). Shopping is seriously an addiction. I will even fill up a basket and then just turn my computer off and not buy anything. That is on my strongest day LOL. 

I found a few of the items from this haul if you don’t want to search for them online – you’re welcome!

Ecote Marley Thermal Top

Fuzzy Beanie


I tried to pull up some of my picks from Forever21 but I was having a hard time saving the pictures 🙁 Sorry!! Was there anything that you saw that I should know about?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Copper Glam Makeup Tutorial (Long)

Glam Copper 
Makeup Tutorial (Long)
Today I was feeling a little colorful and wanted to use a shade with attitude but nothing that will scream cray. 
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I wasn’t sure what products I was going to use but it worked out perfectly! I am loving the eyes in this look the most – Lashes for days!! If you have yet to master false lashes; Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced is all you will need!

What I used to create this look:

Smashbox – 24hour Photofinish Shadow Primer
Sigma Beauty – Brush E25
INGLOT Cosmetics – Orange Eyeshadow (unmarked)
Sigma Beauty – Creme de Couture “Ginger Pumpkin” Eyeshadow
MAC Cosmetics – Brush 239
Milani – “Bella Copper” Eyeshadow
Ardell – Duo ended eyeliner brush
Anastasia of Beverly Hills – Dipbrow “Brunette”
TOO FACED – Better than Sex Mascara
Sigma Beauty – Atomic #6 Eyeliner
Sigma Beauty Pencil Brush
Maybelline – Fit Me Foundation 230
Beauty Blender
Sigma Beauty – Foundation Brush
OCC Cosmetics – OCC Skin Conceal R1
Red Cherry Lashes – #43
DUO – Dark Adhesive
Smashbox – “Sunkissed Bronze” Bronzer
Sigma Beauty – Angle Brush
e.l.f. – Contouring and Blush Palette 
Artist Couture – “Conceited” Diamond Glow Powder
L’Oreal Paris – “Fairest Nude” Lipstick

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Sexy Eye Makeup Tutorial: Long

Cant go wrong with a smokey liner

I am so happy with the responses I have received from my DARK SULTRY  EYE TUTORIAL that I felt inspired to keep it going! Thank you everyone for your love, support, and positive comments! I wanted to be done with comments – but I didn’t want to take the way my supporters connected with me and Im glad I changed my mind!

CLICK HERE to watch this tutorial

What I used in this video:
Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
URBAN DECAY – On the run palette
Smashbox – Cherry Smoke palette
URBAN DECAY – 27 glide on eye pencil “stag”
Too Faced – Better than Sex mascara
URBAN DECAY – Perversion Eyelashes in “Trap”
NYX Cosmetic – Nude Beige Lipliner
MAC Cosmetics – Ample Pink Lipglass
MAC Cosmetics – Blush in “Peaches”
OCC Cosmetics – OCC Skin Conceal R1

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What I am lusting for right now

What I am lusting for right now…
Like right in this moment. I am really digging the PRADA “Lace-Up” Oxfords.  And when I am into something with a high price tag ($950) I have to really sleep on it! For like a year haha. Ok, maybe not that long. When I like something I am pretty stuck in my ways. I used to be super impulsive and buy things that I liked in my head but didnt really work in my closet. 

I think I will wait to see more outfits on Pinterest and Polyvor with these guys before I pull the trigger. What are you lusting over? Are these ugly? Do you think I am smoking crack? lol. 
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