Who let the moms out? Woot – Woot – WOOT!

As most of you know, I am a mother who works from home. This can sound like a dream for most women commuting to work everyday, but trust me – its not that glamorous! I used to imagine stay at home mothers sleeping until noon, working out, meal prepping, clipping coupons, organizing, and being stress free because they don’t have anyone to answer too! WRONG! Actually quite the opposite. I have to not only work here, but I cook and clean, drop off and pick up my son, I don’t have anyone to talk to but the UPS man for 2 seconds, and I always jump at every sound scared out of my flip flops. I take the dogs on longer than usual walks just to get a break from my tiny condo. I know I know…things could be worse, but hear me out!

I am grateful for the few friends I do have from grade school and church because I look forward to the outings! I know a few moms who are dragging their feet at TARGET right now just trying to extend the alone time just a bit longer haha. I am happy to report we got out for the day. Away from worrying about anything, even spending too much money! We hit the I-15 South toward Corona, Ca to GLEN IVY HOT SPRINGS!


We pulled up into the parking lot about 10 minutes before the spa opened, and practically ran in when they let us through!


Admission is $50 Monday – Thursday, $70 on Friday – Sunday, and $40 Thursday – Saturday 4pm – 9pm! We were there for 8 hours and let me tell you, the time flew! After we rinsed of we took a short elevator ride down into the Grotto to be painted neck-to-toe with a warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus and lavender masque. The service is $25, and you need a reservation!

Spending time soaking up the sun will make you hungrier than you could ever imagine! You can not bring in your own food or drinks, bags inspected at the entrance by spa employees, so we stopped into the IVY KITCHEN for lunch.  I suggest the nachos ($16)! There were 3 of us and we could not finish the large ($26) – it was huge! I also got the plant based sliders ($16) which were amazing! The girls also enjoyed the BBQ Flat bread ($16), which is also large enough to share. Everything on the menu is farm to table, and they even grow their own avocados and citrus onsite!


One thing we all kept saying is: Its so nice doing NOTHING! Stay at home moms, working moms, mother figures, women…I am you, I get you, I feel for you! I hope everyone gets a way and experiences little adventures like this.

I dont drink much anymore. 1) Alcohol is sugar, and sugar makes you fat. Id rather eat candy to be honest. 2) Diabetes. 3) It will destroy a budget for eating out faster than you can say “Im on a budget”. So I stick to water which is free.99 haha and if I am feeling wild, Ill have one. I went with a classic Bloody Mary ($10), its practically vegetables right? *wink*.


I honestly did not like the blue cups. BUT for legal reasons, I will let it slide. The youngest you have to be to get into GlenIvy is 16, so they want to make sure no one underage is drinking! The blue cup lets everyone know how much I spent for the beverage, how old I am, and that I am feeling gooooood haha.

There are tons of things to do for free. Mineral and saline baths, showers and jacuzzis, saunas and gardens, lay out and read a book, chat with other spa goers…or like one mom I met – go alone and take a long peaceful nap! We had an amazing time. After the long drive back home, I was home just in time to go to sleep! What a way to spend the day! If you have ever been to Glen Ivy, or have been to something similar, let me know you thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below! Thanks for reading!



The Coral Experience

Travel Diary: Ensenada, Mexico

I have been traveling so much in the past month and its been a blast! If you need to catch up – follow me on Instagram. I am not proud to admit that I have fallen off my fitness routine and ate like it my job for weeks haha. Luckily my last stop was a 4 Day Wellness Program in beautiful Ensenada, Mexico. If you are looking to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle – this program is perfect!
I read the news often and my family is from Mexico, so the first concern I had was safety. I can’t stress enough how safe, confident and comfortable I was traveling into Mexico thanks to the shuttle service offered at the hotel. We went straight through the boarder, through the tolls without an issue or delay IN BOTH DIRECTIONS (in and out).  I have so many horror stories of hotels NOT looking like they appeared online, Hotel Coral & Marina was the exact opposite! It looked like a private oasis located right on the Marina and it was beautiful! (BELOW) The deep terra-cotta colored structure stands out among the surrounding hotels. 
I enjoyed the walk through and around the hotel which was full of beautiful art. This particular piece reminds me and when I nursed my son…TMI? Isn’t it amazing what a woman’s body is capable of?

When we checked into our suite, we went straight to the private patio connected to our room and soaked up the view. The property was clean, tropical, and welcoming.

We had the best gift waiting for us – food! We also received folders that included our schedules for the next few days starting with dinner. I am a foodie so I can’t wait for you to see how beautiful the food was! My first outfit change was into a little black dress. 
The food was prepared in the cleanest way possible. Nothing fried, oily, salty, but never lacking flavor. Although this is healthier than I eat on a normal basis…I left the table full and feeling amazing! I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I needed to rent a forklift to get me out of a restaurant haha – this was not one of them! Each meal came with a few courses. Here are a few plates I had along the way – including a banana pudding and a popular Mexican cocktail:

Now that I have made you all hungry, lets talk about fitness! As part of the program we were provided with private classes like ocean front yoga, circuit training and new to my life: FeldenkraisHopefully this is an accurate description, but from my understanding, through the Feldenkrais Method you can increase your ease and range of motion, flexibility, and coordination. It is said to enhance functioning in other aspects of your life as well. I am a damn mess so Ill take all the help I can get haha. We took this class at the end of the day and it changed the way I slept – like I not one care in the world! The instructor, Logan Fisher, who also leads yoga for the program was knowledgeable and made everyone feel comfortable and excited about fitness. Didn’t hurt he was good looking too 😉

There was a private conference room for health and wellness educational talks. This room also doubled as their Feldenkrais studio. 
Our off site trip was to a local vineyard. We went on a morning hike to one of the largest Persian cucumber farms, wine tasting, and a beautiful breakfast followed by yoga right there in the vineyard. To be honest it was so hot and uncomfortable outside I didn’t eat. I was a little disappointed there was only one wine to taste – I, like the next, love a good flight of wine and a cheese board when I go wine tasting. Also due to the others in our group being senior citizen who were not able to walk for long, we had to return to the hotel before we planed. 

We ate, worked out, and it would not be a vacation without a little pampering! We were scheduled for facials, massages, and a hair treatment. The C Spa was beautiful, clean and very luxurious. 
The massage I had was unforgettable. I have had many massages before but this one took the cake! I almost feel asleep! When it was over I was so sad, by far the massage was the best service out of the three. Next was a blowout. The products they used in the salon could have been better, also the guy who did my hair was so nervous (because he was new), was shaking and sprayed me in the face and in my ears with water haha. I am happy to report I was not wearing makeup. 
I could have done without this service, but how cool did the dryer look?? I also received a facial which was out of my comfort zone. I am used to being told what products are going to be put on my face and she did not explain anything – that made me very uneasy. Aside from that little hiccup – the rash on my face cleared up! THANK YOU! 
Since leaving the Hotel Coral & Marina’s Wellness Program I am still eating clean, working out and incorporating a few Feldenkrais positions to help relieve minor body pains before sleeping! I would love to go back for the summer #coralexperience and to stay on track with my new lifestyle. Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post…

*Latina Kisses*

SAVE OR SPLURGE | Anastasia Beverly Hills NEW Illuminators

SAVE OR SPLURGE | Anastasia Beverly Hills NEW Illuminators 
 CLICK HERE to watch the full review on this new product!
In my video I shared my first impressions on these pressed beauties. I have been a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills since I purchased their eye brow pencil. This brands products are in all makeup junkies’ kits across the nation. One of my Australian followers left a comment that she could not buy them in her country – I hope they become an international brand soon!
Here are some close up stills from my video to show the different shades.
Personally I think So Hollywood is the best color for all skin tones. Peach Nectar is a must for blush lovers. Starlight is perfect for my milky sisters out there. Finally Riviera is fabulous on tan skin like mine!
Incase you would like to make neat lines like the ones below – I used tape! Serving blogger realness haha. I fell in love with blogs years ago and after a few new posts I am rediscovering why! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! I will be doing more of my reviews on here, and if I can muster up the courage to ask others to take my photos – maybe ill share some more outfits of the day!
*Latina Kisses*