Do you have Momnesia?

Mom Zone for life
…or until Jude is 18

“Momnesia” and 11 Other Ailments Only Moms Get was article I just read. I know for a fact I am suffering from all of those!! The one that I am feeling the effects from the most has to be 

Sleepliving: Proceeding through life in a heightened state of sleep deprivation.

I am trying to get through this day with all of my goals completed. Today I got up early after a long night of editing to make breakfast and pack Judes lunch for school. Turns out, while on the steps of his school, that class did not resume until TOMORROW! My son turns to me and says “I could have slept longer!” All I could think is; Me too son, Me too. I know it might sound like I am complaining about raising a terrorist but its just the sleep deprivation speaking. I am always thinking about how I spend my time – while he is with me – effects him. I want him to remember me being stable – being a hard working, independent, self sufficient, strong woman. I don’t ever want him to describe me as violent, angry, depressed, lazy, and unmotivated. We are our children’s future. I didn’t have the picture perfect upbringing but I do know that Jude is happy, loved, and protected because of me. 
I might have Momnesia but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

*Latina Kisses*