Things I loved this week

Whenever I think of Fall I get excited!
 I am waiting for the day when I step outside and say “Its going to be a cold one!” Here are a few things that I loved this week:
I should have numbered these but I forgot and now its too late, sorry. The first item would have to be from Starbucks. I love the seasonal drink Pumpkin Spice Late, Skinny tall no foam no cream please :). My go-to gloss would have to be ALL AMERICAN GIRL by HARD CANDY. Its a beautiful nude mint plumping lip gloss that looks great over any light lipstick. Today I took Jude to see his first 3D film which was THE LION KING. He didnt buy into my “magic glasses” pitch so we ditched the frames and watched a blurry movie for an hour lol. It was just as awesome as I remembered, my advice…by the DVD. I am wearing an old favorite of mine “Dating a Royal” by OPI which is a stunning blue shade. Tomorrow or sometime soon I will be switching to charming “The Pain, No Spain” by OPI, perfect shades for fall without falling into the obvious brown and orange. A bag that I MUST get this weekend is the Michael Kors White tote. This is my step before Louis purchase. I know $200 might not be a lot of dough for a hand bag to most but its hard for me to spend that on myself knowing Ive got a little monkey to care for…someone asked “does he need anything?” I said “Hes got it all” They advised me to get….so I will. Ive taken up reading before bed again and I am on to a new book that took me about 20-25 pages to really get hooked – This called ROOM by Emma Donoghue. Its about a mother who raises her son in a room and he knows of no other living people but his mother. Its so sad to know that there are people out there like this. I want my son to experience everything that wont hurt him, physically or emotionally. Speaking of my bunny…I recently purchased a few Yo Gabba Gabba items off of including the Green Monster Pillow. He loves all of the characters and anything and everything to do with the show. OMG I have the worst eating habits lately and its due to stress. I feel like Ive been gaining weight and candy is not helping my situation! I love jelly beans and I have been craving…no I am not pregnant…popcorn flavored jelly bellys! To bring this cramped post to a close…RAINBOW sandals have been my number one shoe – well thing that protects my foot lol- this week and I need to knock it off. I have sooo many shoes in the closet that I need to give attention, but they are sooo comfortable!
What were your favorite items this week? What do you order from Starbucks?
*Latina Kisses*