Halloween Nails – The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Soooo like I said in the description on my video…here is where you will find the name of the polishes and more pictures of the nail design. You cant go wrong with and bug, animal, thing with big ol’ eyes haha. Cute right? I got the inspiration from one of Jude’s books:
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
 From left to right: Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, DS Mystery, Ticket to Paradise – OPI, and Out the Door top coat. All sold at ULTA with exception of the black (LE). But I know you can find something like it there. 
 Nail Art Pens in Black and White by Sally Hansen, I bought mine at WalMart for $7 each.
 Konad Special Polish in Black and White – I got these off ebay, they are not cheap but I love them!!
 Now for more cute pictures of my nails!
 Now if you are not a subbie of mine on Youtube, what is wrong with you??!! Lol jk, HERE is the video. Enjoy! Thank you guys for the love and support – More to come!
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The Sweet Life – Wonderland Bakery

Sonia in Wonderland
My huh huh Ryan has been trying to take me to a shop in Newport Beach he knew I would love. Our first atempt…they were closed! This time he must have checked or remembered but I was sooooo excited!
 I am as girly as they come and I was dying with excitement when I saw how many cupcake items they had for sale! Anything and everything you can think of cute was in this little shop. I wished, for just a second, that Jude was a girl because I know if I was a little girl I would go nuts!!
 Look at the details on the walls! These are the doors that lead to all of the magic : The baking and decorating! Its like candyland came to life.
 I didnt get just one hahah, which Ryan thought I would be good…I got one for me, Jude, Ryan’s mom and sister. Let me tell you…the pumpkin spice is a MUST! The picture is not doing the size of these babies justice!
 They make cupcakes, cookies, cakes…oh my!
A lot of you were wondering where I got my cake made for Jude’s 2nd birthday…This place I would reccomend in a heartbeat! The owner, Miss Allyson, said they need at least 1 week in advance and the price depends on the design you are requesting. CLICK HERE for more information on the shop.
After a late lunch at CHIPOTLE (our new favorite place) Ryan agreed to take me to MACYs to purchase the tote Ive been drooling over. I know its just a tote to some, but its a luxuray tote in my eyes and I deserve it damn it! Haha! Michael Kors Signature Logo Tote in Vanilla / White
 We were in a rush because we were invited for dinner! Yes we just ate, but we were starving and didnt know that dinner was going to be ready early…shhhhhhh dont tell our chef aka Ryan’s sister that hahah. It was so good. We were double stuffed.
 Of course I wanted a taste of my cupcake after dinner. I could only handle less than half and saved the rest for later…later.
 Arent they too cute!!
 After we had a drink with his sister, we called it a night. Im a grandma and stuck on the go to sleep early-wake up early schedule. I suggested we go out for breakfast, so we headed to Dennys.
Before hitting a booth, Ryan stopped at a Starbucks next door and got me my coffee….aaaaawwwwwwwwwww!
 I asked for the hashbrowns to be crispy and they were burnt…they showed me! Lol.
 I always have a good weekend, I cant complain. This weekend was just….sweet. Hehe.
Have you been to The Wonderland Bakery? Is there anything like it in your town? Whos excited about Halloween? That was random I know but I am excited and this is my blog so I can talk talk talk about nothing lol. Love you guys!
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Things I loved this week

Whenever I think of Fall I get excited!
 I am waiting for the day when I step outside and say “Its going to be a cold one!” Here are a few things that I loved this week:
I should have numbered these but I forgot and now its too late, sorry. The first item would have to be from Starbucks. I love the seasonal drink Pumpkin Spice Late, Skinny tall no foam no cream please :). My go-to gloss would have to be ALL AMERICAN GIRL by HARD CANDY. Its a beautiful nude mint plumping lip gloss that looks great over any light lipstick. Today I took Jude to see his first 3D film which was THE LION KING. He didnt buy into my “magic glasses” pitch so we ditched the frames and watched a blurry movie for an hour lol. It was just as awesome as I remembered, my advice…by the DVD. I am wearing an old favorite of mine “Dating a Royal” by OPI which is a stunning blue shade. Tomorrow or sometime soon I will be switching to charming “The Pain, No Spain” by OPI, perfect shades for fall without falling into the obvious brown and orange. A bag that I MUST get this weekend is the Michael Kors White tote. This is my step before Louis purchase. I know $200 might not be a lot of dough for a hand bag to most but its hard for me to spend that on myself knowing Ive got a little monkey to care for…someone asked “does he need anything?” I said “Hes got it all” They advised me to get….so I will. Ive taken up reading before bed again and I am on to a new book that took me about 20-25 pages to really get hooked – This called ROOM by Emma Donoghue. Its about a mother who raises her son in a room and he knows of no other living people but his mother. Its so sad to know that there are people out there like this. I want my son to experience everything that wont hurt him, physically or emotionally. Speaking of my bunny…I recently purchased a few Yo Gabba Gabba items off of Walmart.com including the Green Monster Pillow. He loves all of the characters and anything and everything to do with the show. OMG I have the worst eating habits lately and its due to stress. I feel like Ive been gaining weight and candy is not helping my situation! I love jelly beans and I have been craving…no I am not pregnant…popcorn flavored jelly bellys! To bring this cramped post to a close…RAINBOW sandals have been my number one shoe – well thing that protects my foot lol- this week and I need to knock it off. I have sooo many shoes in the closet that I need to give attention, but they are sooo comfortable!
What were your favorite items this week? What do you order from Starbucks?
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Product of the night – Quick Pedi

Smooth Dogs – Me, My sink and I.
Sooo, my feet…and my hands….have been dryer than dry and I feel like if I stub my foot somewhere it will crumble straight to hell. I had to do something about it and I figured Id share it with you guys. I hate talking about feet so I feel like we are getting personal here…and I hope you dont think I have crusty ass feet. Oh great, you think Ive got jungle feet!! *embarrassed* Anyways before I ramble even in a blog:
In order according my routine: Soak your feet and then  4. A few wash clothes to of course dry, but to wash off the mask.  3. Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover -This stuff is serious. I read about it on a few blogs that I follow and its so cheap I had to try it for myself. I was looking for it all day and of course when I calm down I practically step on it! Its a cuticle remover, but it doubles as a callus remover too. Leave it on for 1 mins after soaking and then scrub your heart out. 2. Pumice stone – Any of these bad boys will do. I got mine at Walmart for $2. Its job is to scrub all the nasty off haha. 1. Manicure / Pedicure Mask by OPI – I love this stuff! It smells sooooo good. Its really thick and made my hands and feet feel baby soft.
I suggest you guys give it a go…at least the Sally Hansen product and the pumice stone which will cost you under $10 and will get the job done. Are there any products that you have tried that works well? Let us know in the comments!!
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Go Big Black! – Azusa Raiders

No Raider Hater Here
Some history: I do not like the Raiders football team. I do not even like football so dont think Im a raider hater either lol. When I was younger I used to be a cheerleader with my sisters for the Azusa Raiders. We cheered for a couple of years and we had a lot of fun doing it. We even came in first place in one of our competitions! Woot woot! (Im the one to the left).
Any how my two sisters and sister in law are now coaches for the city team and their first game was today. It was a ways from my house but I wanted to come out and show my support. I got there a little late due to traffic and under estimating the traffic…but I made it. My god daughter is also on the team so I was excited to see her do her thang.
 There she is, one of the loves of my life, Denise. My daughter from another mother lol…my twin actually. 
 The staff: I dont know the first two but the middle is my Twin Christina, my sister in law Lizzie, and my younger sister Marina.
 Me and my bunny. He was in the middle of saying Cheese! Haha. It was soooo flippin hot out. All of the parents and other smart people were all behind me under Easy-Ups. 
 After the game, Jude was hanging out with all the girls and sharing a drink with his cousin. They kept calling him cute. *Eyebrow raised* they better back up! lol.
Proud Team: The Azusa Raiders Mascots Squad 
After game lunch, where else but Mc Donalds would kids want to go to? We grew up going to the same one, so it was kinda nice taking our kids here…the next generation. 
Jude with his super cute cousins: Bubba aka Little Mikey

The two princesses of the family, Emily and Denise. Since moving away from home, like 35-40 mins away haha, I miss my family so much! I used to live down the street and around the corner from all of them, but Jude and I love where we live now. We need to cherish all of the time we spend with people who matter most…family. 
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