Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects : 220 Cut it out – Demo

Lets get creative…ill show you a short cut!
Well, I take that back. The short part anyway…this is very time consuming so take a seat and get comfortable. Jude is with his daddy for a couple of days so I decided to do my nails and film for you all among other videos.
Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects: 220 CUT IT OUT
This mod flower pattern along with the following are available at drugstores. I purchased mine at CVS for $9.50 USD.
Ive tried the animal print style already. I was planning to do a demo using them but I was excited and did them without my camera handy. Booo!
Here is what you will need:

Polish Removereven if you don’t have polish on your nails you want to make sure you get rid of any to all oil on your nails to allow the strips to properly stick.

Top CoatThis will help seal your new design and give a high gloss shine.
Salon Effects Kit Comes with Strips, Cuticle stick, and Nail file.
Push those cuticles back, if you have them…cochina lol, this will ensure the polish strip will cover your entire nail. The white side of the nail file will be used to press down the strip to rid the nail of any bubbles or lumps. By far the most important part. Smooth is ideal. This file is tiny but it gets the job done. The colored side comes with two degrees of roughness. Texture if you will haha. I have to much fun writing these posts.

Okay, so when you crack open the little containers of strips they come with 8 sizes to choose from for each hand. Some of these did not fit perfectly, but it was easy to cut down.
Lets get down to business: First things first…size those bad boys up. Make sure the polish strip covers your entire nail. If it doesn’t, this will look like a hot mess.
When you find the perfect size there are two different layers you will have to peel off.
First layer is the clear film that protects the design.
Second layer is the sticky part. Make sure you washed your hands because once
you dirty the adhesive side of the strip its a goner.

Use the white part of the file to smooth out the design. Use the flip side of the file to trim
off the extra material. Then use light force to pull off extra polish.To seal the new polish design, paint along the tips of your nails with a clear coat. Finish this process by covering entire nail with a clear top coat. I used OUT THE DOOR.

Drum roll please…

TA – DA! I think they look pretty cool if you as me. I want to try the glitter style next. What do you think of this process? At first it was a little intimidating and time consuming. Once you get a few nails down, it starts to get easier and I felt more comfortable and confident.
Interested? Not really? Let me know ladies.
*Latina Kisses*