Lunch at the park with my honeys

I have a ton of great memories at the park
My sisters, neighborhood kids, and I would walk down to the park and play in the cement castles that were there for years. Now I get to make memories with my son.

We have a good size backyard but nothing beats getting out of the house.
Jude is the light of my life, my everything.
I missed him so much over the weekend. I want to start doing more with him. I took a ton of pictures and I know these are personal moments but I couldn’t help but share some of them with you all.

My god daughter Denise needed to get picked up from school and I thought it was perfect timing for lunch at the park! She loves McDonalds, Jude loves it too haha, so happy meals all around!

Denise is a huge fan of Shrek and she never goes anywhere without this head band.
Jude looks so cute with the little ears!
Ive always said God blessed me with a boy because I already had a Princess.

I got this cute necklace of Jude’s name from MyNameNecklace. I was super excited when I checked my POBOX and saw this little beauty in there. I like…love anything that has to do with, or reminds me of Jude.

My honeys

After they ate up their food and had a little treat, Jude and Denise were ready to hit the safer-than-sand matted playground. I’m glad they changed out the sand. I try to avoid the beach because I hated dealing with sand getting in places it shouldn’t…and now I don’t have to worry about that when we make a trip to the park. I have read tons of stories about kids getting stuck by needles left behind by drug addicts. Glass among a lot of other nasty things in the sand are no longer a concern at the updated parks. Can I get an Amen?
Jude is in love with trucks right now…this was the first thing he ran to.
Hes such a chunky monkey, he still had cookie crumbs on his little face.

Of course no trip to the park would be complete without ice cream!
I had to control myself. Candy is my weakness. Id choose candy over food any day of the week. I was good and walked away proud of myself that I didn’t get any candy.
Jude had an accident at the park so our fun was cut short. Since I had to take Denise back home, we picked out a few extra ice cream characters for all the other kids back at her house.

Now to introduce something amazing to those of you living under a rock…

LUCAS came out with chile ice cream! Anytime I see it I have to have it. It sounds weird but its super delicious I promise!

Back at home


Now that Jude has a fresh diaper and lost the dirty shorts…he was set free in the backyard to be one with his messy batman ice cream bar.
These characters usually come with gum eyeballs…I had to get rid of those before he choked on them. He got it everywhere! Its part of being a kid. He had a blast chasing his buddy Bella (our dog) and even snuck her a few licks haha.

I know he wont remember any of this, but I will. Its the little joys in life that make my world go round. It warmed me up knowing he was having a great day.
After a nice bubble bath, Jude had a nice long nap.
*Latina Kisses*