A Girly Tomboy Twist

La Tolteca
Carly and I planned a lunch date at one of the popular local Mexican restaurants in Azusa, Ca. La Tolteca has been a favorite place to dine in since I was in High School!
On our way to pick up our close friend, Brigitte, Dunka knocked out. He’s such a sound sleeper! Hes had the food here before, so I was sure to wake up so he could have a good lunch.
Yes…hes not wearing shoes. He hates shoes! I had his vans in my bag because that little monkey learned how to remove them while being buckled in his car seat, smart little guy.
Say Hola to Brigitte. I’m not sure if she has graced the pages of this blog yet, but here she is! Shes expecting a baby boy early next year!
I don’t think I have ever ordered anything but a #9 Chicken Enchilada plate haha.

The chips are soooo good that for every sports event, especially UFC/MMA, my family orders a bucket of salsa and a box of chips from this place…and I know of a dozen more ppl who do it too.
Jude is such a character! He stole my hat. I don’t know what has gotten into him lately, but when he was a little younger he hated hats!
I love my good eater I think its funny that we all order the same thing every time we visit. Carly is tearing up some taquitos with extra thick guacamole.
Doesn’t it seem like I am always eating? Haha! And I have been getting tons of comments saying I’m too skinny now, cant please’em all.

A little outfit post never hurt anyone.
I have been trying new things, I am currently in love with bright colors and combat boots.
I wish I took a better picture of these bad boys but I guess I wasn’t thinking and its too late now. I’m barefoot typing this mother out lol.
I got my boots at ROSS Dress for Less Store in Azusa, Ca yesterday and as soon as these big brown eyes saw them…I knew they had to be mine! I tried to look them up online in case anyone wanted a pair but I couldn’t find them. They are by Sam & Libby
*drawing a heart in the air*
My bright sweater is by FOREVER21. I found it tossed with random items on the floor…it was a diamond in the rough lol. That bright blue stood out like no other. I tried looking for it on their website but this is all I could find. CLICK Haha! Jude wanted to “help”.
My glasses – by NYS COLLECTION, I think that was the brand. They were sold at a little hut in the middle of the mall for $10. Just look for thick black frames with clear lenses.
Plain white tank – purchased at Target
Skinny Stretch Jeans – I don’t remember where I bought them, I’m horrible…I know.
On my lips I had “Chaos” lipstick by NYX. This red is ridiculous. I love it. I am whitening my teeth…in the process…so I am feeling more confident about smiling with bright lip colors.

For a more natural look…which is always my ‘go to’ lip color “Fairest Nude” by Loreal Paris found at drugstores.

My monkey is ready for bed -_-

Its been a long week, and I needed some retail therapy…so a haul is coming soon!
What is your favorite pair of shoes right now? Where can we get them? How do you feel about the red lipstick?
*Latina Kisses*

Happy Birthday Tommy!

New Cut
I wanted to really just cut my hair off but I think I should wait for summer, I will miss my hair too much if I got rid of it. I have been getting so many messages telling me to go back to my old “look” from when I lived in Virgina.

I took my razor, which I bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply for under $10, and took a couple of sweeps down from my eyebrow towards my nose and TADA! Done. I’m sure there are tons of videos on how to get side swept bangs on YouTube so check it out there.
Today is my nephew Tommy Lee’s 4th birthday. Every time there is a birthday we all get together and have a small dinner and cake. I like it that way, keeps the family closer together.
The kids were so cute together. You should all know that Jude is mine, Tommy is red and he is my brother’s youngest son, and the other three are my twin sister’s children Mikey Emily and Denise.

Jude was in need of a nap so he quickly left the couch.

Time to make a wish and blow out the candles!
My brother, his beautiful wife Lizzie and the birthday boy.

Lizzie made the BEST red velvet cake ever!! I don’t really like cake, but there is nothing better than a homemade cake. I don’t know what kind of frosting there was on that cake but it was soooo good.

I wonder what he wished for? Hes got everything a little boy could need. He has the best parents around.

Before we got to the cake (I am far to tired to rearrange these pictures lol) we had a hearty pasta and garlic bread. It was so yummy it was almost a sin.

Jude is on a pasta kick so he took the whole plate down to china town.

Once more, Happy Birthday Tommy!
What I am wearing in this post: Vintage Tee (Kris left behind and I cut up)
At the party: Racerback Tee by FOREVER21, Button-up Stripped Sweater by Target
Jude’s outfit by Target
I always forget to mention my clothing and things like that, so I will make sure that I list them in future posts. I need to get on my fashion and cosmetic game on here. I have been so wrapped up in my family…I need all the love and support during this time.
*Latina Kisses*

Movie Night – Jackass 3D

Now Showing: JACKASS 3D
Today I was in a good mood and wanted to get out and go to the movies. I haven’t been to the movies in over 2 months, and there are so many good movies out. I didn’t want to see a scary movie or a love story (lord knows why) …so I decided on JACKASS 3D.

Ive seen there two past movies so I couldn’t miss there latest hit. I heard so much about it from everyone on Facebook and Twitter, so I had to go see what the buzz was all about.

Getting into the spirit of things I threw on a Navy hat (thanks Kris haha) and my 3D shades. These are so stylish compared to the red and blue plastic sheet paper glasses I grew up with. Even though Johnny Knoxville is getting up there in age, I still think hes hot haha.
Before the movie started, we had to grab some snacks. I always get a kids pack: small popcorn, small drink, and a fun size candy. Its the perfect size! The difference between the two packs is Carly had an Icee and I added jalapenos to my popcorn ahaha.
I’m sure the people around us where like what the heck are they taking pictures for??
For my blog of course, Silly.
I don’t want to give any parts of the movie away. All I have to say is that it was so disgusting! I almost vomited on myself twice, and Carly and I had to cover our eyes and just listened to some scenes. Its a total guy movie, but it made us laugh literally out loud!
To be honest, I think this movie would be just as good without the 3D. I don’t think much popped out for it to be considered a “3D” movie.
For the both of us to see this movie was $30, and snacks were $13.

I was constantly checking my phone. My mom was watching him while I got a break for 2 hours.
When I walked in, he was sleeping in my moms arms and she said “He was an angel”. I thought she was joking. He’s so attached to me I figured he would be freaking out. I’m always with my little man, and its rare that we are apart. Each time that he was watched I am always told that he walks around looking for me. I love my bunny. I feel bad when I leave him for a few hours, but this mama needs a break sometimes.
Have you seen this movie? What did you think?
*Latina Kisses*

A Beautylish Day in L.A.

A Beautylish Day in L.A.
I was so happy to be invited to another beauty event this month, and Carly was happy to come and keep my company. The event was Beautylish at the JW Marriott hotel in the heart of Los Angeles, Ca.
As soon as we walked in there were tables set up throughout the room with amazing freebies on them. Of course my mama didn’t raise no fool, I hit up all of those tables and hooked myself up lol.
There were loose glitters by NYX, New line of Orly nail polishes, and Stila lip glosses to name a few.
There were stations set up where you can treat yourself to a complementary mini mani (Carly and I chose the new Chanel nail polishes)

My nail tech was a little too comfortable, she used her saliva to fix a mistake on my nail. EEEEK! I wanted to say “ewwww!” But it was free so I didn’t want to complain.

There were amazing cupcakes set up that we could not wait to get our kitty paws on!
The wallpaper in the room reminded me of a knock off Louis Vuitton lol.

I was so happy to see the food because I was in such a rush I didn’t get a chance to eat before I showed up. I had a drink or two and needed some food in my belly.

I picked up an egg roll, which I admit to having 3 more later, shrimp, and chicken. These are skinny girl portions, I was hungry…haha!Now to the best part, the cupcake! It was a red Velvet cake with a whipped cream cheese icing which was to die for!

On our way to the bathroom to freshen up, we stopped to take a quick picture 🙂

I love mirror pictures. Look at the mirror, it looks so cool and scary at the same time. Can you see Carly in the back? She was moments away from taking a similar picture.

Since this was a beauty blogger/vlogger networking event I had to say hello to my fellow YouTubers!


and JLovesMac1

It was a great event with a good turn out. I got to take pix with a few of my subscribers which always makes me feel good. THANKS GIRLS!
After I picked up Jude, I took a quick cat nap and then hit the road to Dulce’s (DulceCandy87) father’s Birthday Bash. I was later than I wanted to be, but I was happy I went. I look like a hot mess because I was so tired and it took me about an hour and a half to get there, so cut me some slack. Dulce’s belly was so big! I met her family and they were so sweet, all of her sisters are beautiful! Jesse was cracking me up because he was glued to Jude. He kept wanting to hug him and hold him. Hes super excited about being a father he wanted to get the feeling of hold a small boy lol.
Jude hit the dance floor with his new girlfriend.
The drive back was nice, after Dunka knocked out, and I sang my entire Drake CD to myself haha. I know a lot of people hate being in the car for long periods of time, but to me that time is spent thinking. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Its almost 2am…again!
*Latina Kisses*

OOTD / Dinner / Football Game / Bithday Party "Hello"

I wanted to start this post with a quick OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
As many of you are quick to say ‘you lost so much weight’ I feel more comfortable and confident to do videos like these. I am not one to share tips and weight loss advice, I did not do anything I would recommend. A lot of it was due to stress. On a lighter note….I was on my way out to a football game and I wanted to share my outfit with you all:
Cream Knit Sweater (Target) White Scoop Neck, White Cami, Skinny Jeans (Fashion Q)


Dinner Time!

Our favorite spot for Greek food has to be Athena’s in Azusa, Ca. Jude is a huge hummus fan, I think he got it from Kris. I should have ordered a second plate, because Jude ate it all up! Not only was he taking over dinner, he also took over my phone and drink haha. I wonder who he was texting lol. “Hi Daddy”
After dinner we headed to our High School’s football game. We wanted to go and show some support for our old school and have girl time. I always have such a great time with Carly. Its non stop laughter with this girl, I’m thankful for such an awesome friendship.
It was the 2nd quarter when I took this picture and Azusa was tearing it up! When we were in High School, I don’t remember ever winning a game, this year they are undefeated!

Before I called it a night, we stopped by a party to show some birthday love.
This was not the birthday boy, this is the oblivious beast also known as Sam, Carly’s brother. He was either dancing or have some kind of arm problem lol. Say cheese!!

Carly getting some love from the boys, how the years go by so fast…

Me, Anthony, and Carl

Before anyone gets excited, Anthony is just a friend. Sorry Anthony…but back it up! My heart is taken… I am saving myself for Robin Thicke haha!
There was also a new pit bull puppy, he was sooooo pretty! Ive never seen a dog with blue eyes and a gray coat. Everything was perfect between us until he starting biting stuff…

…like my hand!!
It is almost 2 am and my mind is going a million miles a minute, so I guess its time for me to hit the hay. Jude rolled over a few times and kicked my keyboard, so I will write to you all soon!
*Latina Kisses*