Mommy Dunka / Baby Dunka shoes

Taking it back Old Skool
Me and my son are becoming closer than ever as the day pass and he is getting old and talking more. He is stretching so fast and his little chubby feet are longer and ready for big boy shoes.
I bought him a pair of slip on VANS a few months back and he hated them. The top of his feet are chubby and I think they hurt him. These ones are adjustable. They are the VANS Old Skool V. Shoes are an obstacle for new walkers. He was standing like he was 6 feet off the floor when I stood him up to try out his new shoes.

Mommy + Jude = Love

Just because he is a boy and I am the mommy does not mean we cant have matching shoes. Back when I just got out of High School, I went through a tomboy stage, and had a pair of these shoes and it brought back good memories.
I just finished my makeup tutorial (Burnt Rose) and taking some pictures for my thumbnail and Jude wanted in the pictures too.
One thing I am trying to do is slowly ween Jude off the ‘tweetwee‘.

He does not like it one bit. He hates being told no. I wonder who he got that from lol. I don’t think he is ready, I think the pain in my back will go away, but ultimately I don’t think its the right time. From the look on his face (poor bunny) I think he will be happy with the decision I am making.

Carly the bff came and got us for some lunch at THE HAT and then to meet up with my newest model for my channel.

I have been loving the weather lately.
I love it when its cold out so I can snuggle in my sweaters and unique scarves!

Do you and your kids have matching items of clothing? I think its really cute!
*Latina Kisses*