Tokyo Wako

Lunch Time!
For as much weight Ive lost, please don’t ask me my secret…its stress, I feel like all my blogs are of me eating like a king. Eating is comfort! I love to cook and eat, so you are all along for the ride!
Today Carly got to pick and she chose Tokyo Wako.
Of course Dunka was with me, and was ready to eat!

If you follow my blog and read often, you would know that Jude loves miso soup. They had a different twist to the traditional soup, this one had onions and mushrooms.

The temp was not going to stop him from eating it all up! I love seeing my little honey enjoying his food. Its makes me happy.

(Carly thinks shes looks nasty in this picture, I think she looks fine!)

Now for the show. You cant go to Tokyo Wako without eating at the grill tables.
Our meals were about $15 each with a soft drink so we got a deal.

Stacking up the onion tower to quickly turn it into a volcano!

He put the fire out and it was smoking like a chimney.

Our chef did an amazing performance and the food was delicious!
Jude was watching with excitement. The last time he was at a restaurant like this he was a few months old and wasn’t too interested.
Today was a great day. We went to look at a new place for me and Dunka to live.
Cant wait to do a house tour!
*Latina Kisses*