Sandy Boots – Round 2

Cut it up!
*This is the second time around doing this post, i accidentally deleted the whole thing and it auto saved the changes!! I was super upset be decided to try once more.
I love vintage t-shirts, and if you catch me at a thrift store, that is what I am usually on the hunt for.
This shirt was left behind during a recent move among a few others so I took out a pair of scissors and went to town with them.
All I do is cut the ring that is around the neckline and then stretch out the new whole that you made and ta-dah! A new off the shoulder shirt has been made. Depending how tight the top is, you might have to cut the neckline a little bigger. Have fun with it and send me some pictures of your newly reformed tops!


Sandy Boots in Laguna Beach
Its not as dramatic as it is on TV, but it is beautiful and a cool place to hang out with your friends.
These pictures have not been enhanced, the green grass and the clear blue sky were amazing.
We found the hotel we were going to be hanging out at and walked across the street for a bite to eat and this was the view of the beach.

TACO LOCO – Very yummy and very over priced.

2 lobster tacos and a can of coconut juice = $22 USD

Those tacos didn’t see what was coming, I took them down to china town lol.
After we fueled up…it was time to hit the beach!
Fortunately for us the beach was steps away from the hotel.
Note to the wise: Do not wear boots to the beach.
I didn’t know we were going to be that close to the beach so I was unprepared.
After I got over the fact that I had boots on I hit the sand for a few pictures.

Carly and I

I quickly removed myself from the shore because the tide quickly picked up.

The last time I was at the beach I was with my little family.
The last time I was at this particular beach I was 6 months pregnant with Jude.
I am such a freak about the ocean, I have a nightmare at least once a week about a tidal wave killing me and everyone that I love. I have not seen the 2012 movie because I cried watching the trailer.
I am a chicken. I know
I was enjoying myself and this beautiful view but I couldn’t wait to get back to my bunny. I wish he was with me, but he was spending time with his grand parents and they wanted to give me a break.
If you are a mommy, do you get like that too? Jude is a handful, but I miss him when hes gone.
*Latina Kisses*