Cheers! To good friends…

Its been one of those days…
Carly and her family have been nothing but sweet to me during this really difficult time for me and Jude. I feel like I am more and more in debt with them as the days go on.

We woke up later than usual, and feeling rested we decided to have a special lunch/dinner…linner. On the menu: Mimosas, and grilled Lobsters and Squash.
As you all might know, I recently uploaded a video of my friend Carly making Mimosas for our little get together over the weekend. She also started her own channel, click here to check her out and subscribe!
For those of you who want to see a quick visual…here is how you can quickly make this popular brunch favorite:
As Carly would say, “I’m a baller on a budget”, so we got the champagne that was on sale.

The best orange juice under the sun is “Simply Orange.

Carly likes here with a kick so she fills the glass about 3/4 the way, then you top it off with a splash of the orange juice. That’s it! a really simple cocktail right? The carbonation from the champagne and the acid from the oj jacks me up, so I cant have too much.


Now for dinner: Squash of your choice and the fastest Lobster at the meat counter!
We sliced the squash up, drizzled some olive oil, and sprinkled some salt and pepper over those bad boys and set them aside.

For the Lobster, Carly used a few of her favorite seasonings.
Salt, Pepper, Mrs. Dash Original Blend, Montreal Steak Seasoning, and a whole lemon for its juice.

While waiting for the grill to get hot I cut up some white onions as well.

I love the print on the shell of the lobsters. Almost like an animal print you would see in the jungle. You grilll these fat dudes until they are pink on the outside and the meat is white.

Carly’s trick is to keep an eye on the tails and watch for them to curl up…that’s when you know you can stick a fork in them because they are DONE!

While we were sitting around enjoying the backyard and the nice weather, Jude found the “pool”. Jude is a water baby to say the least. Anything to do with the water he is all for and is not afraid to jump in head first. He is very adventurous, but it scares the black off my hair.
I used to work at a tile shop a few years back and I hooked Carly up with tons of cool pieces for her pond. The colorful tiles sparkled in the sun.

There was no holding this Dunk back. He was trying to get in with his clothes on. I figured hes been through a lot lately, so why not let him go a little wild?
The following pictures reminded me of the little boy from the Jungle Book or Tarzan.
But since its Jude, Hes Dunka the cave man. It looks like he is about to jump into a pool of water you would find on an exotic island.

Look at this face. He is so innocent, yet so mischievous.
With eyes like that how can you ever say no to him? I love this little boy more than I could ever express. More than I could ever love another person.

He kept trying to drink the water! Amen it was just washed out and the water was replaced before he decided to go for a dip.
The whole point of today’s post was let Carly know that I love her and thank you for being so good to me and my son (I want to cry!!) She is such a great friend. She has been so caring towards me and Jude. She has listened to every word, hugged me after every tear and has let me and Jude stay with her and kept me company during this hard transition.
All I have to say is MEN OF HOLLYWOOD! *Screams*
Have you been through something like this? Who do you own a thank you to recently?
*Latina Kisses*