A walk on the wildside – Los Angeles Zoo

Our trip to the

Los Angeles Zoo
I feel like I am always stuck in the house and I needed to get out for the day. Dunka (Jude) has yet to visit the Zoo, so it was a perfect opportunity to go! My girl friends Carly and Crystal, who have been super supportive and help me with Jude, had the day off and joined us.

As soon as we walked thru the gates I was on the hunt for a cute hat. Jude is not much of a fan of things on his head so he quickly pulled off this cute monkey hat.

(Tweeted Picture below)

I think he looks sooooo cute. It took us a bunch of takes to get this shot of him. Look at those chubby cheeks! I’m going to be sad when his baby fat slims out.

I opted for a fisherman style hat because I already bought him a ball cap from Disneyland.
(Tweeted Picture Below)Jude is very observant like his mommy. He wanted to see it all.

Trips like these are great. He gets to see new things and hear new soundsCarly (aka Carl lol) and Jude
Make sure you bring snacks! Everything at the zoo was so expensive and not baby/toddler friendly. Amen for the Goldfish snacks I packed for him.
I must say I have the best-est friends possible. These girls helped me alot when I needed a break carrying Jude. He is a heavy boy (going on 30 lbs). They have become very close to Jude over the last week or so. Love my girls!

(Crystal the Pistol)

Now to some of the animals. A lot of the exhibits were really sad. The areas the animals were held in, for the most part, seemed so small.
It was such a hot day out, most of the animals were napping.

The zoo was a lot bigger than we expected. There were nice big waterfalls that felt amazing.
It was like finding water in the desert.
Jude was loving it!

Deep in thought thinking of all the animals he saw today. My baby looks so grown already, I wish he would stay small forever. Hes been getting very talkative lately too. Being with him all the time is a blessing, I don’t miss a thing.

I think the pictures of this Ape were really sad. He was in jail, it looked like.
You can hear the sparks of the fence that went all along the area he was held in.

He sat there, playing with his hands for a while. Children were yelling to get his attention and he didn’t even look over to see what the commotion was all about. It hurts my heart.

Thank goodness for baby slings. Jude loves being in my arms. Hes a total mommas boy! The sling allows me to do everything and anything from cleaning the house to putting on my makeup.

I purchased two styles from ebay.

Being the girly girls that we are we were dying when we say the beautiful prints on animals like these Zebras.

The sleeping Lion…King of the jungle had one of the smallest areas to walk around in. I would not want to be the one responsible for cleaning up after him. Yikes!!
As soon as I saw the giraffe I immediately thought of “giraffe in quicksand” look it up on YouTube.

It makes me laugh every time I see it haha.

As we were trying to find our way out of the Zoo we ran into a large crowd hovered around a large rocky area. It was these dudes hanging out. Just watching them lounge made me want to go home and take a nap!

Last but never the least, the raging Tiger. I am trying to get the video to upload directly on here so you all can here his lour roar. He was pacing back and fourth. It sounded like he was complaining. I would too. Imagine being held in a small area for the rest of your life.

All in all we had a great time, we could have done without the large crowds and the infestation of crazy bees, but it was nice showing Jude something new.

Have you been to the zoo lately? Which zoo did you visit?

*Latina Kisses*