Our son Jude’s 1st Birthday Party Yo Gabba Gabba Style!

So this is how the adventure starts…invitations!
I went to a local craft store and picked up:
Red cards, 2 hole punches (one large one small) for the eyes, and white and black paper.
I made the “bumps” all over the cards with the paint program on my computer and ran them thru the printer. Super easy! Then I glued on the eyes.
With help from my friend Jennette, my MUNO invites got some monster teeth 🙂

I have a pair of “nerdy” looking glasses and Kris has been rocking them lately, so we tried them on Jude and it reminded me a little of DJ Lance Rock!

Thanks to my new favorite website,
I found everything I needed including the gift boxes!
I wanted my son’s party to be extra special in any and every way possible and I thought these were way cooler than the average candy bags ppl hand out at parties.

We are not rich by any means and we needed to keep every thing affordable.
We hit up the 99 CENTS store and also the dollar section in MICHAEL’S CRAFT STORE.

Now for the big day!
It started a nightmare and ended better than I expected, Amen.
For starters…we didn’t have the help we thought we were going to have. Kris was running around buying last minute items, getting all the tables and chairs (for 60ppl) alone. I was making the cakes…yes…cakes. The MUNO cake we made together was smaller and I had 2 others helping me. This time it was a solo gig I wasn’t ready for. It was made with 3 eggs, oil, and tears!
The cake would not be large enough for everyone so I had to make a second cake. Of course it gets stuck to the pan and crumbles!
When Kris gets back, we lost the decorations, the balloon tank runs out before I get a chance to fill my special balloons, and time is running out. The clock reads 2:15pm and my party is starting and we have yet to shower and get ready. I found amazing printable iron-ons to make our t-shirts on http://nickjr.com that I planned for us to wear, so I had to do that too.
We finally make it to the party an hour and a half late. My hair looks like a hot mess because of course my curling iron kept shutting off. It was nuts! Jude was super tired so he was knocked out while I was greeting our guests.

Jude with his tio (uncle) Ray, who is also my handsome brother.
Back it up ladies, he’s married!

Some of my prince’s birthday gifts.
We are so blessed.

Here is Daddy Dunka. Hes rocking one of the shirts we made. I wish someone took a picture of me! I was the camera lady so you get my view of the party. My youngest sister Marina made the best fruit salad and kabobs. Here is Kris modeling our YGG watermelon.
No wasting involved, its hollow!

Jude and Grandma!

My sister Marina, and Jude-o.
She doesn’t know it, but Kris finally decided she’s is going to be his godmother!

Balloon Toss
Here are all the kiddies in the front yard attempting to play Balloon Toss.
I do not recommend this game for children under 3 years of age.
Butterfingers! They kept dropping them, we spent more time filling the balloons than playing the game lol.
Time to hit the Pinata!
With daddy’s help, Jude got the first hit.

He just wanted to touch hit. My son is a lover, not a fighter.

Right now PARTY CITY is having a huge clearance sale on tons of candy.
We were going to buy a bunch of bags at $15 each, when thankful we ran into the clearance table where the bags were only $2-3 each! Wooo Whoo!
For lunch: we had slow roasted beef sandwiches, pasta salad, potatoe salad, rice, and beans.
I couldn’t wait to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son.
I have been waiting for a whole year!
He loved his cake too! This cake was not the kinda cake you buy at the market.
It was made with love. I love my son!

I know there are a lot more pictures of this amazing day, but I couldn’t wait to share my story.
Thanks to the encouraging words from my brother (love you!) I got over the stress and had a great time. The kids loved the party, and Jude was in a good mood the whole day!
God has blessed me with my health, my son, Kris, my family and friends.
I wanted to finally thank all of you, my subscribers, for stopping by and reading my blog. It is a bit more personal than my YouTube channel because it does involve much more than the makeup I am wearing…its my life!
*Latina Kisses*