Jude’s Trip to Knotts Berry Farm

Jude’s First Trip to Knotts Berry Farm

We took him to Disney Land this year and he loved it! Due to my day with the news, we had his Grandma and Grandpa watch him for us. They have season passes to Knotts and wanted to take him for a fun day in the sun.
He loves them so much, Jude is such a Grandpa’s Boy
shhhhh! don’t tell Grandma.
I cant remember the last time I was at this park.
Maybe it was during Halloween when its Knotts Scary Farm and that was about 4 years ago!

Noah, Jude’s cousin on Kris’ side of the family, joined them on this trip also.
There is about 5 years age difference but you can definitely see the love.

Here is Grandma Alicia, Jude looks like he wants to grab the camera.
He usually gives everyone who watches him a hard time, but this time he was an angel.
I think it was because he was having so much fun!

Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad
Grandpa Rick and the boys

To be honest, I’m jealous, I wish I could have been there to see my son’s face
while on all of these cool rides. I know hes a little shy…then wild.
Lucy’s Tugboat
Jude is pretty brave. I know I am the biggest sissy when it comes to anything that moves faster than I can walk lol. I’m the one that usually screams like they are dying.

Balloon Race

Look at my honey! His little belly is always hanging out when someone holds him.
I love his top (we got it at his baby shower! size 12m0s) and his shorts are from H&M $10
Log Peeler
A quick picture with one of the Peanut characters, Sally Brown,
Charlie Brown’s younger sister.

Uh oh! Looks like someone didn’t eat all of his lunch! lol jk

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share Jude’s trip to Knotts Berry Farm with you.
Have you been to this park? Which Theme Park do you like the most?
*Latina Kisses*