Girls Weekend! – Palm Springs CA

My good friend Carly has the nicest get-away house in the heart of
Palm Springs, CA
and invited me and a few others out there for a “Girls Weekend”
Of course Jude is my heart, so he joined us!
I’m sure you all know Jennette by now, she came out for Day one.
We left at about 7pm and got to the house at around 8pm.
The drive was filled with great conversation, and made me closer to Jennette.
She is a true friend *hugs*.
We had a huge private pool all to ourselves and it was amazing.
(me, Carly, and Jennette)This shot looks like a post card.
I think every woman needs a day(s) off like this.
I think I have some of the best girls in the world as my friends. We all don’t usually hang out together so it was nice to have all of my girl friends under one roof.
Jude was a little grumpy in this picture. It was one of two things.
1. His hair. lol. I know I have to cut it but I am waiting for his birthday!
2. The fact that the pool was right there in his face and he couldn’t wait to jump in.

Mommy and Dunka time.
He’s such a mommas boy. He did miss his daddy though. He kept calling for him.

I love my girls!
(Crystal, Carly, and myself)


If you follow me on Twitter
you would know that we were on BlogTv for a couple of hours with our mustaches.
It was really random that Carly had these sticker mustaches (hers looks like the real deal) from a taco place in Azusa.
We didn’t want to leave Jude and Crystal out, so a little eyeliner did the trick!

I drove back home today to make sure that I sent out invitations for Jude’s 1st birthday party, and Kris missed Jude so it was worth the long drive to see him light up at the sight of his son 🙂

We went to the local market and got hooked up with the biggest lobster tails!
Grilled squash was the best compliment.

Jude ended the night in a king size tub full of BUBBLES.

The little vacay is coming to an end soon.
I will have one more post filled with pictures and I am also working on putting together a little Vlog video of my time here in Palm Springs.
I know this post was nothing about beauty and products but I just had to share it with you all.
I am so happy here. Its peaceful! I was planning to stay disconnected out here but I just couldn’t help myself!
Have you had a girls day, weekend, vacation? What did you do? I wanna know!
*Latina Kisses*