A day at the Beach

We went to Huntington Beach yesterday. My friend Crystal joined us on our adventure. We usually don’t make very good plans so we left around 11am. I made sandwiches and sliced up some watermelon. Kris and I are not huge fans of the beach, so its rare if we stay more than a couple of hours. We just wanted to get out of the house and do something different. It was a long drive because traffic in California is always ridiculous, and to our surprise the beach was…empty!! It was really windy and overcast. The sun made an appearance for 5mins at a time. For those of you that don’t know, when its overcast you get burnt the worst so double up on that sunblock. I love tanning. I usually get sprayed because I’m so inpatient and can lay in a tanning bed no longer than 5 mins without going nuts. Being that I’m pregnant I should do sun-less tanning anyhow. I really wanted to get in, but the water was soooooo cold!! Kris was chasing me around in the water and I was screaming because it felt like he was throwing iced water at me! Lol, running around made me almost flash the whole beach, YIKES! . As you can see in my picture to the right, my belly is starting to really pop out. I’m dreading stretch marks and I hope they don’t come anytime soon!! Hey, do you guys have a favorite California beach? Let me know!