Today I looked in the mirror and noticed I had soooo much hair around my eyebrows and I was due for a good waxing yesterday! I remembered I had a bottle of GiGi Sugar Bare (Microwave Formula) in the restroom just incase I couldnt get a last minute appointment at the salon. If you are planning to try this product out don’t forget to pick up a pack of GiGi Natural Epilating Strips & Applicators. It comes with different size applicators that make it easy to wax different spots on the body. If you have really tender skin and have a low tolerance for pain I don’t recommend it. Also I suggest giving yourself at least an hour for the swelling and redness to go away before you apply makeup! When I go to get it done by a professional they commonly use a cooling gel or oil, since I have sensitive skin I opt for a hot towel or a face cleansing wipe instead. When my face had time to relax and I am ready to apply makeup, I love filling in my eyebrows with a dark shadow. I have Dark Brown/Black hair and using a pencil in a “black” makes the face look too harsh. Instead try using a deep brown like ‘Espresso’ by MAC and apply the shadow with a stiff angle brush with light strokes. My eyebrows have been threw alot and one is a little thicker than the other and this technique helps me the most. Good luck and let me know how it works for you! -Sonia
Today http://www.youtube.com/ has been a pain in the neck. Ive been trying to upload a Haul Video and it wont let me!! Ive been holding on to this stuff for a week now but I haven’t had the chance to upload or blog about it. I went to the mall with my sister Christina and bought a few things that I “needed.” I went to MAC, Benefit, Cloe, and Bliss. The makeup I bought will be featured in my video which will be up tomorrow afternoon. I really wanted to share the dresses I bought from Forever21. I’m pregnant, and as the days go on I’m starting not to fit into my old clothing anymore. My jeans are making me sad because I usually wear jeans on a daily basis. Now that the days are heating up its time for dresses! This is what I bought:

Paulina Maxi Dress

Fab Braided Strap Dress

Paisley Trimmed Dress

I also recently went shopping with my boyfriend, Kris, and he bought me like 5 more dresses that I want to take pictures in and show you. None of these dresses shown or the dresses that are not are maternity. I bought them in either a Medium or a Large depending on the material. Its getting late…I better hit the hay.